Synonyms for Even:


all (adjective)
calm (adjective)
calm, undisturbed (adjective)
equable, cool, composed, even-tempered, unruffled, imperturbable, peaceful.
commensurate; having no advantage (adjective)
uniform, exact, identical, tied, equivalent, fifty-fifty.
continuous (adjective)
nonstop, homogeneous, sequential, flat, unchangeable, invariable, featureless, unbroken, recurrent, seamless, habitual, constant, monotonous, steady, lasting, perpetual, ceaseless, connected, regular, continuous, unvarying, level, continual, unremitting, indefatigable, perennial, consistent, monolithic, straight, undying, coherent, repeated, everlasting, cyclical, interminable, unchanging, unceasing, continuing, un-intermittent, unending, uniform, persistent, gapless, incessant, endless, robot-like, consecutive, undeviating, repetitive.
equal (adjective)
balanced, square, equivalent.
fair, impartial (adjective)
flat (adjective)
planar, horizontal, flush, tabular, level, prairie-like, flat.
flat, uniform (adjective)
horizontal, constant, alike, continual, regular, square, consistent, undeviating, same, balanced, unbroken, unchanging, smooth, plane, unvarying, equal, true, straight, steady, continuous, level, flush.
gradual (adjective)
imperceptible, easy, moderate, gradual, gentle.
horizontal (adjective)
flat, horizontal, level, planar.
mild (adjective)
lax, tender, libertarian, forbearing, meek, peaceable, charitable, clement, liberal, open-minded, benevolent, permissive, peaceful, gentle, genial, lenient, mild, moderate, quiet, benign, amiable, sweet, soft, kind, cordial, tolerant, insipid, broad-minded.
moderate (adjective)
similar (adjective)
smooth (adjective)
satiny, burnished, slithery, polished, glazed, slippery, level, varnished, slick, slilken, glossy, flat, edgeless, streamlined, frictionless, satin-smooth, Lacquered, sleek, velvety, marble, shiny, glassy, smooth, silky.
square (adjective)
uniform (adjective)
consistent, unbroken, indistinguishable, homogeneous, equable, consonant, invariable, alike, undiversified, unvarying, regular, uniform, undifferentiated, steady, same, like, seamless, assonant, level, monolithic, undeviating.


all (adverb)
yet, still.
still, yet (adverb)
indeed, despite.


however (conjunction)


whatever happens, firm, irreversible, rigid, final, for good. awfully, actively, e'en, bloody, actual, tie, any, entirely, e'er, neither win nor lose, awful. funnily enough, invariant, you would not believe, is that a fact?, changeless, now I've seen everything/it all, who would have thought...?, Well, I never, heavens above, actually, you don't say, of all things/people/places. day, possessed, Cool-headed, composed, nonchalant, afternoon, afternoons, even-tempered, daytime, imperturbable, unflappable, collected, daylight, calm, bedtime, darkness, detached, unruffled, cool. assist, attack, chalk something up, concede, all, cushion, evenhanded, equitable, bury, aggregate, fair, deadlock. calculable, binary, average, decimal, annualized, indivisible, double digit, divisible, balanced, hexadecimal. blunt, exact, precise, smoothly. at one with, chilled, laid-back, relaxed, at ease, easygoing. unbalanced, quantitative, all of something, at a time, quantifiable, sheer, for all, underlying. even (noun)
symmetric, flatbottom, plane, even out, tied, flat, symmetrical, level, equal, true, straight, yet, flush, justified, flatbottomed, fifty-fifty, still, regular.
even so (noun)
square, plane, yet, flatten, level, smooth, still, steady.
in addition (noun)
too, despite, likewise, moreover, also, indeed.


balance, make smooth (verb)
grade, flatten.
change (verb)
even out.
contact (verb)
even out, level, flush.
flatten (verb)
compress, deflate, grade, squish.
smooth (verb)
grind, burnish, polish, plane, flatten, slick, glaze, silken, sand, smooth, gloss.

Other synonyms:

daytime, double digit, awfully, balanced, bedtime, bloody, Cool-headed, invariant, hexadecimal, daylight, divisible, candy-striped, any, actual, calculable, quantifiable, quantitative, chronological, afternoons, even-tempered, annualized, quits, e'en, decimal, day, chequered, fair, checked, afternoon. equitable, tantamount, unflappable, collected, possessed, actively, unruffled, indivisible, evenhanded, nonchalant, unbalanced, checkered, equivalent, checkerboard, binary, darkness, imperturbable, underlying, composed. changeless, blunt, awful, crisscross, smoothly, identical, sheer. average, cool, indeed, square. detached, calm. exact. quit. smooth
Other relevant words:
evenhanded, balanced, square, fifty-fifty, calm, true, equal, tied, still, yet, equitable.

Usage examples for even

  1. And even now he did not believe. – Castle Richmond by Anthony Trollope
  2. I am not even sorry for it. – David Elginbrod by George MacDonald
  3. And Percy knew even more about it than she did. – Bird of Paradise by Ada Leverson