Synonyms for Opposed:


antagonistic (adjective)
disputed, at cross-purposes, conflicting, contrary, up against, Against, anti, opposing, irreconcilable, antipathetic, restrictive, averse, opposite, at odds.
conflicting (adjective)
different (adjective)
at odds.
opposing (adjective)
adversarial, oppositional.
oppositional (adjective)
at cross-purposes, up against.
restrictive (adjective)
unwilling (adjective)
Resisting, contrary, disinclined, hesitant, stubborn, loath, defiant, recalcitrant, reluctant, uncooperative, against the grain, noncooperative, unyielding, unconsenting, averse, non-consenting, uncomplying, irreconcilable, squeamish, obstinate, unhelpful, balky, unwilling, indisposed.


against the grain, negative, restrictive, resistant, at the other end of the spectrum, Against, at cross-purposes, counter to, hostile to, rebellious, up against, (dead) set against something, opposite. reverse, antagonistic, antipathetic, adverse, to the contrary, conversely, oppositional, support, otherwise, vice versa, adversarial, paradoxical. opposed (noun)
anti, conflicting, at odds, opposing.


contended (verb)
Withstood, disputed, Struggled, Antagonized, Wrestled, Conflicted, faced, Stood, hassled, Bickered, Protested, Vied, Contrasted, Wrangled, Dissented, Quarreled, Encountered, Brawled, Contended, Confronted, Clashed.
counteracted (verb)
neutralized, offsetted, Tampered.
defended (verb)
Fended, Screened, Averted, Responded, safeguarded, guarded, Defended, Resisted, Policed, countered, backfired, covered, sheltered, buffered, Upheld, counterattacked, Answered, Argued, protected, saved, supported, Rebutted, shielded, Retorted, secured, sustained, Returned, Warded, Replied, barricaded, barred.
disagreed (verb)
Challenged, Complained, rejected, collided, repudiated, Disagreed, Demurred, Differed, Defied, Objected.
disproved (verb)
Denied, Subverted, overturned, negated, Belied, Confuted, Parried, Refuted, Disproved, Contravened.
hindered (verb)
mired, burdened, clogged, blocked, fouled, choked, crippled, Dragged, cramped, entangled, braked, curbed, constipated, Stayed, thwarted, snarled, tangled, stopped, delayed, jammed, plugged, Entrapped, congested, Deterred, encumbered, Snagged, Bunged, impaired, Detained, Crimped, restricted, complicated, fettered, Hamstrung, bottlenecked, Hampered, constrained, frustrated, baffled, handicapped, paralyzed, Caught, restrained, interrupted, Dammed.
opposed (verb)
Interfered, repressed, crossed, Meddled, Repulsed, impeded, suppressed, Intercepted, Repelled, Fought, oppressed, Hindered, inhibited, Contradicted, Counteracted, obstructed, Rebuffed, checked.
resisted (verb)
Snubbed, stood firm, stood fast.

Other synonyms:

oppositional, opposite, rebellious, resistant, vice versa, adversarial, conversely. antipathetic, adverse, paradoxical, otherwise, antagonistic. negative, Against. reverse. contrary
Other relevant words:
restrictive, opposing, conflicting, adversarial, conversely, opposite, adverse, reverse, resistant, Against, at odds, anti, paradoxical, rebellious, antagonistic, support, otherwise, oppositional, negative, antipathetic.

Usage examples for opposed

  1. Again the parties stood opposed to each other. – Mrs. Skaggs's Husbands and Other Stories by Bret Harte
  2. From this interview it would appear that the Archbishop is opposed to the friars. – The Friars in the Philippines by Ambrose Coleman