Synonyms for Eradicated:


destroyed (adjective)
torn down.
excluded (adjective)
Exiled, forbidden, rejected, Excluded, prohibited, banned, Ejected, repudiated, Banished, Eliminated, Amputated, Disallowed, Evicted, Relegated, Expatriated, proscribed, Denied, Blackballed, Excommunicated, Ostracized, barred, Excised, Expelled, Renounced, removed, Deported, Extradited, Disbarred, blacklisted.
extracted (adjective)
Excavated, drawn, withdrawn, extricated, Extracted, removed, Amputated.
obliterated (adjective)
expurgated, Canceled, Omitted, edited, stricken, Annulled, obliterated, Expunged, cut, Deleted, Eliminated, censored, Erased.


annulled (verb)
dismissed, dissolved, Abnegated, Refuted, Vetoed, divorced, Abolished, extinguished, retracted, Effaced, Eliminated, Deleted, destroyed, invalidated, rejected, disaffirmed, Revoked, Withdrew, negated, Undid, withdrawn, undone, nullified, obliterated, Disavowed, Disclaimed, repudiated, neutralized, Canceled, Denied, Annulled.
destroyed (verb)
flattened, devastated, dismantled, vaporized, Disintegrated, demolished, torn down, Extirpated, Bulldozed, exterminated, atomized, annihilated, Decimated, mowed down, wrecked, smashed, Leveled, ripped to shreds, pulverized, desolated, tore down, knocked down, laid waste, razed.
excluded (verb)
ignored, Ousted, disqualified, Forbade, Boycotted.
extracted (verb)
obliterated (verb)
edited, Omitted, cut, stricken, Erased, censored, struck, Expunged, expurgated.

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Usage examples for Eradicated

  1. But the poison is deep in the blood, and will not be eradicated in a generation. – A Grammar of Freethought by Chapman Cohen
  2. If properly checked in time, evil propensities may be eradicated but this should not extend to anything but serious defects; otherwise, the intuitive perceptions which all children possess will construe the act into " spying" and " informing," which should never be resorted to in the case of children, nor, indeed, in any case. – The Book of Household Management by Mrs. Isabella Beeton
  3. Well sir, replied Sawbridge, if I may venture to offer an opinion on the subject, and in so doing I assure you that I only shall from a feeling for the service- if, as you say, these opinions will not easily be eradicated as the young man is independent, would it not be both better for himself, as well as for the service, that he is sent home again? – Mr. Midshipman Easy by Captain Frederick Marryat