Synonyms for Abolish:


backdate, criminalize, bring in, codify, amendment, amend, come in, decriminalize. abolish (noun)
get rid of.
suppress (noun)
squelch, cut out, erase, vitiate, disestablish, pull up, vacate, crush, make null and void, dispense with, batter down, finish, inhibit, Disannul, declare null and void, root out, throw out, overturn, quash, put an end to, supersede, make an end of, wipe out, uproot, make void, rescind, deprive of force.


annul (verb)
eliminate, deny, annul, retract, divorce, abnegate, nullify, disavow, extinguish, Disaffirm, negate, undo, neutralize, veto, delete, efface, dissolve, revoke, destroy, obliterate, eradicate, dismiss, refute, disclaim, reject, withdraw, cancel, invalidate, repudiate.
destroy (verb)
devastate, vaporize, raze, demolish, pulverize, mow down, wreck, annihilate, disintegrate, smash, desolate, rip to shreds, exterminate, flatten, bulldoze, lay waste, level, atomize, dismantle, decimate, extirpate, tear down.
do away with or put an end to (verb)
invalidate, disestablish, annul, undo, finish, annihilate, repudiate, eradicate, nullify, put an end to, overturn, vitiate, quash, void, destroy, inhibit, extirpate, vacate, dissolve, rescind, negate, extinguish, revoke, erase, squelch, wipe out, cancel, obliterate, supersede.
social (verb)
get rid of.

Other synonyms:

void, uproot. liquidate. vitiate. annul

Usage examples for abolish

  1. The British Government decided to abolish slavery. – A Century of Wrong by F. W. Reitz
  2. Some would perpetuate slavery; some would abolish it suddenly and without compensation; some would abolish it gradually and with compensation: some would remove the freed people from us, and some would retain them with us; and there are yet other minor diversities. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various