Synonyms for Constrained:


bound (adjective)
finite (adjective)
finite, bounded, confined, limited, restricted, restrained.
forced (adjective)
uneasy, awkward.
limited (adjective)
prohibited (adjective)
forbidden, outlawed, Precluded, Curtailed, restrained, rejected, Disallowed, banned, controlled, disapproved, blocked, Refused, barred, prohibited, restricted, suppressed, Denied.
restrained (adjective)
inhibited, bound, constricted, Collared, tethered, Detained, shackled, controlled, restricted, impeded, restrained, Hindered, Bridled, confined, Leashed.
subordinate (adjective)
subservient, dependent, subject, junior, servile, bound, obedient, Subjected, submissive, compliant, enslaved, under, unfranchised, subordinate, subjugated, supine, deferent, enthralled.


awkward, inclination, uncomfortable, human nature, disposition, instinct, outlook, conduct, uneasy, spirit, posture, behavior, feelings, schtick.


hindered (verb)
jammed, frustrated, braked, snarled, restricted, choked, complicated, delayed, mired, thwarted, bottlenecked, handicapped, impeded, checked, Detained, clogged, entangled, tangled, crippled, Snagged, fettered, curbed, cramped, opposed, burdened, barred, obstructed, Crimped, Hamstrung, Dragged, inhibited, plugged, Resisted, constipated, Caught, encumbered, Entrapped, restrained, Bunged, fouled, paralyzed, blocked, Hampered, Hindered, impaired, interrupted, stopped, Stayed, Dammed, Deterred, baffled, countered, congested.
obliged (verb)
Indulged, favored, Necessitated, Accommodated, needed, obliged, Demanded, required.
prohibited (verb)
oppressed, disqualified, Prevented, Forbade.
required (verb)
Stipulated, bound, compelled, mandated, obligated.
restrained (verb)
Bridled, restricted, confined, restrained, controlled, Leashed, constricted, shackled, Hindered, tethered, Detained, Collared, impeded, bound, inhibited.
stabilized (verb)
secured, fixed, tied down, stabilized.
subordinated (verb)

Other synonyms:

uncomfortable. uneasy. awkward. Other relevant words:
awkward, uneasy, uncomfortable.

Usage examples for constrained

  1. Our hunters, therefore, were at length constrained to leave the spot, and continue their search for a path that might lead upward. – The Boy Hunters by Captain Mayne Reid
  2. Rhodopis left them at once, and he began, playing with the rings on his right hand as he spoke, in a constrained embarrassed way. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  3. He waited with constrained impatience till his mother had finished her prayer. – The Wandering Jew, Book II. by Eugene Sue