Synonyms for Unconnected:


irrelevant (adjective)
illogical, inapplicable, unrelated, confused.
separate (adjective)
disconnected, separated, independent, detached, unattached.
unintelligible (adjective)
unrelated (adjective)
not kin.


adrift, forlorn, alone, estranged, lonely, alienated, lonesome, abandoned, friendless. automatic, clean, auxiliary, built, clockwork, automatically, cordless, analog, clever. independent, as distinct from, do with, fragmentary, in isolation, stand-alone. irrelevant (noun)
unrelated, inapplicable.
unconnected (noun)
detached, disjointed, apart, not kin, illogical, asternal, confused, garbled, obscure, scattered, exploded, uncoupled, separated, incoherent, isolated, disconnected, unattached, dissociated, separate, disjoined, disordered.

Other synonyms:

fragmentary. stand-alone. do with. independent. Other relevant words:
alone, inapplicable, forlorn, fragmentary, lonely, apart, unrelated, adrift, independent.

Usage examples for unconnected

  1. A sinister consideration, if any, and one, Duchemin suspected, not unconnected with the much- talked- about jewels of Madame de Montalais... – Alias The Lone Wolf by Louis Joseph Vance
  2. Facts of which his mind instantly perceived the relation remained to other people unconnected and without meaning. – The Mystery of 31 New Inn by R. Austin Freeman
  3. The two battles are not unconnected but let us take them in their right order. – Religious Perplexities by L. P. Jacks