Synonyms for Connected:


attached (adjective)
embellished, Spliced, Prefixed, augmented, extra, bound, extended, Hitched, Suffixed, attached, related, additional, subscripted, accompanied, joined, affixed, Annexed, added, married, merged.
bound (adjective)
chained, Stayed, zipped, glued, Welded, Buckled, clinched, laced, tied, Sutured, fastened, Cemented, strung, Bracketed, stitched, knotted, closed, pasted, Strapped, threaded, fused, linked, coupled, Hinged, bound, knit.
cohesive (adjective)
congruous, integrated, continuous, inseparable, cohesive, conforming, consistent, indivisible, indissoluble, solid.
continuous (adjective)
endless, continuous, sequential, lasting, even, continuing, incessant, unchanging, perennial, seamless, continual, cyclical, constant, gapless, straight, everlasting, unvarying, steady, un-intermittent, perpetual, flat, ceaseless, nonstop, regular, monolithic, unceasing, undeviating, repeated, consistent, invariable, habitual, consecutive, monotonous, robot-like, unbroken, unending, interminable, unremitting, indefatigable, featureless, undying, uniform, coherent, unchangeable, level, homogeneous, repetitive, recurrent, persistent.
joined (adjective)
consolidated, wed, coupled, allied, merged, synergistic, affiliated, related, bonded, stuck together, Bracketed, affixed, wedded, married, juxtaposed, Spliced, Abutted, Adhered, attached, amalgamated, Annexed, adjacent, joined.
related, affiliated (adjective)
applicable, akin, combined, coupled, united, consecutive, associated, pertinent, linked, allied, Bracketed, joined, coherent.
relational (adjective)
associated, related, blood, ancillary, auxiliary, dependent, attendant, affiliated, coincident, correlative, relevant, analogous, concomitant, adjunct, germane, consanguine, supplemental, akin, kindred, pertinent.


combined, Beside, nearby, near, next door, next to, united, close, alongside. brittle, cosy, brotherly, broken, chummy, logical, clannish, arm's length, acquainted. interrelated, interdependent, involved, synonymous, corresponding. teledensity, Telecommunications, connect, Wi-Fi, reach, patch through, connection, contact. connected (noun)
affined, linked, abutting, adjunctive, coupled, related to, associated, intimate, neighboring, affiliated, machine-accessible, socially connected, engaged, related, joined, well-connected, on, bordering, on-line, contiguous, conterminous, wired, connecting, siamese, adjacent, attached, adjoining.


attached (verb)
wedded, Abutted, affixed, fastened, joined, Hitched, coupled, stuck, merged, related, attached, juxtaposed, bound, married, Clung, Spliced, Annexed, Adhered, bonded.
attributed (verb)
assigned, Ascribed, credited, cast, placed, acknowledged, Attributed, Imputed, applied, Cited, blamed, marked, Referred, accredited, branded, set.
cohered (verb)
integrated, Cohered, stuck together, solidified, Conformed, fused.
contacted (verb)
touched, Adjoined, reached out, bordered, contacted, Met, Butted.
fastened (verb)
pasted, Sutured, tied, braided, clinched, Weaved, stitched, glued, Buckled, Stringed, Basted, chained, zipped, Plaited, Bracketed, Stayed, knitted, Strapped, Lashed, Tacked, tethered, Welded, sewed, linked, Cemented, Hinged, sewn spliced, knotted, woven, laced.
installed (verb)
implanted, planted, located, rooted, Instated, initiated, fixed, Grafted, established, Ensconced, Inserted, put, positioned, embedded, Installed.
joined (verb)
related, wedded, affiliated, bonded, consolidated, Clung, attached, merged, juxtaposed, married, affixed, coupled, amalgamated, joined, Annexed, Spliced, Adhered, Abutted, allied.
related (verb)
correlated, Pertained.

Other synonyms:

brittle, acquainted, clannish, interdependent, patch through, cosy, broken, Wi-Fi, Telecommunications, arm's length, teledensity, interrelated, chummy. synonymous, brotherly, corresponding. connection. close. connect, contact. reach. interested
Other relevant words:
combined, involved, teledensity, machine-accessible, united, broken, connecting, contact, corresponding, abutting, acquainted, brittle, Beside, Wi-Fi, brotherly, contiguous, connection, interrelated, on, close, adjunctive, wired, connect, on-line, synonymous, nearby, siamese, interdependent, neighboring, logical, affined, related to, chummy, cosy, conterminous, near, alongside, intimate, Telecommunications, well-connected, adjoining, reach, clannish, bordering, applicable, engaged.

Usage examples for connected

  1. For some odd reason, not entirely connected with the pistol he had seen in the clergyman's pocket, Channing wanted to be remembered as pleasantly as possible by Philip Benoix. – Kildares of Storm by Eleanor Mercein Kelly
  2. It's connected with everything out there. – The Colonists by Raymond F. Jones