Synonyms for Unrelated:


different (adjective)
extraneous (adjective)
parenthetical, eerie, external, disaffiliated, disjoint, estranged, unessential, outer, inadmissible, immaterial, dissociated, strange, foreign-born, separate, detached, impertinent, extraterrestrial, Unallied, inapplicable, outlandish, other, extrinsic, alien, irrelevant, removed, unaffiliated, outside, inappropriate, disconnected, extraneous, segregated, separated, foreign, exotic, nonessential.
independent; different (adjective)
inappropriate, unconnected, not kin, extraneous, separate, beside the point, Irrelative, irrelevant, inapplicable, unattached.
separate (adjective)
distinct, disaffiliated, alienated, disjoint, independent, individual, separate, unglued, unaffiliated, severed, Disintegrated, fragmentary, disconnected, dissociated, disassembled, detached, Sundered, autonomous.
unrelated (adjective)
detached, alien, unaffiliated, extraneous, irrelevant, segregated, disenfranchised, separate, dissociated, disjoint, foreign, Unallied, remote, inapplicable.


unimportant, academic, neither here nor there, beside the point, marginal. distant, legitimate, illegitimacy, close, illegitimate, familial, Family, filial, direct, kinship. do with, discrete, as distinct from, in isolation, stand-alone. independent (noun)
unattached, Irrelative.
unrelated (noun)
not kin, dissociated, uncorrelated, unconnected, misrelated.

Other synonyms:

marginal, unimportant, discrete. stand-alone. academic. do with. irrelevant
Other relevant words:
close, direct, distant, unconnected, beside the point, misrelated, familial, unattached, kinship, not kin, discrete, stand-alone, marginal, uncorrelated, academic, unimportant, legitimate, filial, illegitimacy, Irrelative, illegitimate, Family.

Usage examples for unrelated

  1. That sort of man only thinks he is too honest to refrain from taking some unrelated woman's money, but as a matter of fact it is because she would send him to State's Prison as readily as a man would. – The Sisters-In-Law by Gertrude Atherton