Synonyms for Attached:


accompanying (adjective)
secondary, extra, besides, along with, additional, adjoining, ornamental, Adorning, in addition to, affixed, auxiliary, supplemental, companion.
attached (adjective)
subscripted, Prefixed, additional, connected, bound, joined, added, affixed, accompanied, Spliced, married, Hitched, merged, Annexed, embellished, augmented, Suffixed, related, extended, extra.
joined (adjective)
consolidated, Abutted, amalgamated, joined, connected, bonded, adjacent, affiliated, wedded, related, allied, Adhered, juxtaposed, married, affixed, Annexed, Spliced, coupled, synergistic, wed, merged.


nearby, near, close, next to, united, next door, alongside, Beside. positive, affirmative, approving, side, supportive, pro, sympathetic. doting, in the throes of something, crazy about someone, infatuated, enamoured, head over heels, mad about someone, lovesick, besotted. attached (noun)
connected, involved with, intended, related to, related, affiliated, affianced, sessile, engaged, bespoken, betrothed, committed, pledged, involved.


accompanied (verb)
Supplemented, garnished, accompanied, Escorted, Seconded, attended, accessorized, Chaperoned, adorned, added.
attached (verb)
juxtaposed, fastened, affixed, stuck, Spliced, joined, Adhered, bonded, merged, Annexed, coupled, Clung, Abutted, bound, wedded, Hitched, married, related, connected.
attributed (verb)
cast, set, Imputed, credited, Attributed, Cited, accredited, applied, Ascribed, blamed, assigned, Referred, acknowledged, placed, branded, marked.
joined (verb)
coupled, connected, affiliated, merged, Spliced, consolidated, Abutted, affixed, juxtaposed, Adhered, bonded, Annexed, wedded, allied, related, Clung, joined, married, amalgamated.

Other synonyms:

next door, alongside, united, Beside, nearby. Other relevant words:
intended, related to, near, affianced, betrothed, engaged, involved, committed, alongside, united, bespoken, sessile, Beside, supportive, pledged, nearby, close, next door.

Usage examples for attached

  1. They are not attached to any particular set of men or of means. – Memoirs of Henry Hunt, Esq. Volume 3 by Henry Hunt
  2. When he added that information, he looked as if he would have liked to take it back again, and his face coloured up with a dull, painful red, as if he'd said something attached to a disagreeable memory. – Set in Silver by Charles Norris Williamson and Alice Muriel Williamson
  3. From this moment Monsieur Roubaud attached himself so deeply to Madame Graslin that he became afraid of loving her beyond the permitted line of simple friendship. – The Village Rector by Honore de Balzac