Synonyms for Opposes:


contends (verb)
disputes, contends, wrangles, antagonizes, wrestles, confronts, struggles, withstands, encounters, stands, brawls, vies, hassles, conflicts, protests, dissents, bickers, contrasts, clashes, Faces, quarrels.
counteracts (verb)
tampers, offsets, neutralizes.
defends (verb)
rebuts, saves, resists, shelters, barricades, sustains, Guards, responds, protects, safeguards, averts, fends, Buffers, answers, upholds, supports, argues, retorts, shields, counterattacks, screens, covers, defends, polices, secures, wards, backfires, bars, returns, Replies, counters.
disagrees (verb)
challenges, repudiates, complains, demurs, collides, objects, rejects, differs, defies, disagrees.
disproves (verb)
negates, Denies, refutes, subverts, contravenes, confutes, Parries, overturns, disproves, belies.
hinders (verb)
hampers, paralyzes, frustrates, snags, jams, interrupts, curbs, bottlenecks, burdens, congests, stays, catches, constipates, crimps, baffles, fetters, clogs, hamstrings, chokes, drags, deters, brakes, blocks, fouls, restrains, bungs, handicaps, thwarts, dams, Delays, constrains, encumbers, cripples, Cramps, snarls, mires, plugs, stops, impairs, complicates, entraps, detains, tangles, entangles, restricts.
opposes (verb)
counteracts, crosses, impedes, checks, inhibits, obstructs, contradicts, represses, oppresses, hinders, intercepts, suppresses, rebuffs, fights, repels, repulses, meddles, interferes.
resists (verb)
stands fast, stands firm, snubs.

Usage examples for opposes

  1. I intend to learn the language of the different native tribes I meet, and if a chief opposes me and will not allow me to pass through his territory, and if I find I cannot win him over to my side by persuasive talk, then I shall go round." – Revenge! by by Robert Barr
  2. Further, against all deterministic analysis the Volitionist stubbornly opposes the testimony of consciousness, and the necessity for the belief in Free- Will as a moral postulate. – Determinism or Free-Will? by Chapman Cohen
  3. Corruption within, however, opposes his purpose. – The Ordinance of Covenanting by John Cunningham