Synonyms for Against:


diametric (adjective)
converse, opposite, diametric, reverse, across, adversarial, polar, inverse.
opposite (adjective)
facing, corresponding, abreast.


at, Amid, failing, aboard, From, Into, barring, Toward, Among. around, backward, away, up, about, down, on, back, next, onward, Upon, outside. attached, next door, near, Beside, alongside, next to, united, nearby. fraudulent, shady, illicit, unauthorized, clandestine, unlawful, illegal, unconstitutional, improper, wrongful. hostile, opposing, negative, resistant, antagonistic, (dead) set against something, rebellious, opposed. close, level, equal, clear, position, unopposed, competing, close-run, out. look at, would, mea culpa, pick on someone your own size, charming, where does someone get off doing something?, O.K., really. relatively, by/in contrast, Than, seen against something, relative, the... the..., compared with/to, Whereas. face, rear, past, behind, up front, in the background, in front, at someone's heels, rearmost. under threat, unwillingly, under protest, on sufferance, grudgingly, reluctantly. against (noun)
opposing, on, facing.


approaching (preposition)
opposite to (preposition)
opposing, facing, across.

Other synonyms:

away, opposing, Toward, down, Upon, onward, outside, Amid, Among, unopposed, opposed, resistant, From, hostile, mea culpa, up, out, abreast, barring, antagonistic, Into, close-run, backward, rebellious. at, charming, failing, competing, on, would, aboard. back, look at, equal, position. around. really, negative, about. level. O.K.. close, clear. Other relevant words:
competing, Amid, hostile, out, alongside, Toward, at, on, failing, level, relatively, negative, Into, close-run, charming, abreast, close, illegal, past, Whereas, unconstitutional, wrongful, unauthorized, about, grudgingly, next, up, corresponding, opposed, resistant, would, unopposed, position, onward, illicit, opposing, antagonistic, shady, equal, Than, really, attached, next to, backward, fraudulent, clandestine, clear, back, around, relative, near, rear, united, rearmost, nearby, unwillingly, face, Beside, outside, From, away, reluctantly, unlawful, behind, facing, Among, rebellious, Upon, improper, aboard, barring, down.

Usage examples for Against

  1. The chance was against it. – The Gun-Brand by James B. Hendryx
  2. I wonder if Hodder really knows what he's up against – The Inside of the Cup, Volume 5 by Winston Churchill
  3. I suppose you're like all the rest- against the men? – Hilda Lessways by Arnold Bennett