Synonyms for Miserable:


adverse (adjective)
perilous, adverse, opposing, unlucky, disastrous, untoward, calamitous, unfortunate, woeful, catastrophic, inauspicious, detrimental, hard, troublesome, tragic, difficult, unfavorable, grievous, burdensome, unfriendly, distressful, antipathetic, unpropitious.
all (adjective)
suffering, wretched.
bad (adjective)
dejected (adjective)
dispirited, anxious, despairing, despondent, pensive, woeful, downhearted, discouraged, morose, gloomy, sullen, dejected, melancholy, heartbroken, moody, anguished, plaintive, grim, wistful, lachrymose, disconsolate, disheartened, joyless, depressed, glum, sad, blue, contemplative, dreary, mournful, dolorous, overcome.
depressed (adjective)
desolate (adjective)
deserted, abandoned, lonely, dismal, desert, forgotten, barren, dreary, forlorn, uninhabited, bare, inhospitable, stark, forsaken, bleak.
destitute, shabby (adjective)
lamentable, deplorable, paltry, low, contemptible, meager, abject, piteous, inferior, scurvy, poor.
discontent (adjective)
exasperated, cheerless, disgruntled, displeased, ticked off, uncomfortable, frustrated, dissatisfied, wretched, irreconcilable, despondent, discomposed, ungratified, restless, unhappy, bored, anguished, malcontent, gloomy, uneasy, disquieted, dissident, sour, discontent, irritated, anxious, cross, disapproving, joyless, non-satisfied, fed up, teed off.
grief-stricken (adjective)
hapless (adjective)
hopeless (adjective)
despairing, hopeless, glum, cheerless, desperate, bleak, dejected, despondent, depressed, dismal, gloomy, disheartened, discouraged, forlorn, melancholy, anguished, pessimistic, dispirited, downhearted, morose, spiritless.
lousy (adjective)
shoddy, crummy.
low (adjective)
low-down, scurvy.
painful (adjective)
hurtful, sore, annoying, tormenting, aching, cruel, biting, severe, harrowing, excruciating, bothersome, offensive, wrenching, horrendous, Gnawing, troublesome, chafing, grueling, unpleasant, cutting, disagreeable, throbbing, distressful, burdensome, smarting, Besetting, arduous, stinging, trying, bitter, anguishing, Irksome, acute, odious, crushing, irritating, uncomfortable, withering, unbearable, aggravating, Cramping, Torturing., piercing, painful, oppressive, insufferable, grievous, agonizing, woeful, inflaming, stabbing.
pitiful (adjective)
pitiable, pathetic, heart-rending, piteous, pitiful, tear-jerking, lamentable, forlorn.
sorry (adjective)
unhappy, depressed (adjective)
gloomy, dejected, tragic, distressed, heartbroken, pained, hurt, ailing, despondent, hopeless, discontented, anguished, despairing, ill, troubled, injured, wounded, sickly, pitiable, pathetic, afflicted, melancholy, mournful, suffering, sick, strained, sad, dolorous, disconsolate, forlorn, wretched.


hurt, afflicted, upsetting, ill, fevered, sick, burning, injured, sickly, Helped, ailing, troubled, wounded, strained, distressed. homesick, subdued. miserable (noun)
contemptible, unfortunate, low-down, hapless, pitiable, unhappy, meagerly, poor, meagre, scurvy, meager, deplorable, piteous, pathetic, abject, execrable, misfortunate, pitiful, uncomfortable, woeful, inferior, wretched, suffering, low, measly, scummy, paltry.
unhappy (noun)
discontented, pained.

Other synonyms:

crummy, afflicted, homesick, cheesy, upsetting, insufficient, schlocky. shoddy, underdog, subdued, derisory, trashy. injured, wretch, loser, distressed, sleazy. cheap. rotten. tight. abject
Other relevant words:
insufficient, scurvy, scant, schlocky, ill, low, loser, execrable, low-down, troubled, sleazy, lousy, hapless, poor, misfortunate, upsetting, injured, underprivileged, homesick, meagerly, wretch, rotten, discontented, paltry, scummy, suffering, abject, meager, contemptible, cheesy, trashy, afflicted, cheap, pained, shoddy, underdog, distressed, deplorable, measly, crummy, inferior, meagre, sick.

Usage examples for miserable

  1. I've got to- I can't go off letting people think that I'm only a miserable failure. – Betty Wales Freshman by Edith K. Dunton
  2. If they marry like that they're sure to be miserable – The Project Gutenberg Plays of John Galsworthy, Complete by John Galsworthy
  3. But drink had been necessary to give him courage for his violence, and now as he lay miserable in bed, his courage was very low. – Ralph the Heir by Anthony Trollope