Synonyms for Agitated:


agitated (adjective)
shaken, disturbed, shaking, shivering, unquiet, jittery, feverish, jumpy, quavering, quaking, upset, convulsive, skittish, wobbling, restless, troubled, Churned, shuddering, quivering, distraught, palpitating, fluttered, nervous, trembling, Jarred, jerky, twitching, twitchy, uneasy, spastic, writhing, erratic, disquieted, perturbed.
disturbed (adjective)
excited, aroused, flustered, upset, moved.
ebullient (adjective)
excited (adjective)
anxious, stimulated, ardent, breathless, fiery, burning, excited, fervent, effervescent, feverish, impassioned, attentive, aroused, Energized, passionate, exhilarated, inflamed, disquieted, turbulent, disturbed, animated, electrified.
fearful (adjective)
frightened (adjective)
lily-livered, frightened, weak-kneed, rattled, jittery, afraid, Harrowed, terror-stricken, unnerved, scared stiff, anxious, petrified, cowardly, startled, scared, apprehensive, intimidated, fainthearted, chicken-livered, terrified, fearful, timid, alarmed, horrified, paralyzed.
rough (adjective)
roily, roiled.
uncontrolled (adjective)
vigorous (adjective)
hearty, zippy, powerful, fiery, burning, strong, industrious, impassioned, earnest, full-blooded, zestful, virile, ardent, peppy, excited, ablaze, emphatic, enthusiastic, fervent, passionate, active, strenuous, prolific, zealous, potent, afire, frisky, vigorous, puissant, animated, sprightly, lusty, mettlesome, energetic, spirited, eager, lively, exuberant.
violent (adjective)


worried, tense, on edge. distressed, concerned, feelings, unsettled, solicitous. agitated (noun)
hysterical, worked up, roily, frenzied, demoniacal, stirred, moving, jolted, emotional, hectic, wild-eyed, tossing, demoniac, roiled, foamy, aroused, excited, foaming, frenetic, rippled, bubbling, spumy, ruffled, turbulent, roiling, churned-up, frothing, sudsy, seething, churning, spumous, phrenetic, psychedelic, feverish, shaken, distraught, overwrought, frantic.
disturbed (noun)


agitated (verb)
Quaked, stirred, shook, Shivered, Quivered, Shuddered, Twitched, flustered, jolted, Palpitated, Quavered.
deranged (verb)
Capsized, disarranged, botched, ruffled, Tumbled, blurred, confounded, rippled, tousled, roiled, mixed up muddled, misplaced, rumpled, fermented, Convulsed, Tossed, disheveled, discomposed, cluttered, Rummaged, Tampered, Swirled, Messed, disorganized, roughened, disordered, Meddled, Whisked, scattered, confused, jumbled, Mussed, Hashed, Displaced, mislaid, Whipped, scrambled, deranged, dislocated.
excited (verb)
frightened (verb)
panicked, haunted, set on edge, threatened.
invigorated (verb)
enthused, revived, powered, Roused, activated, enlivened, invigorated, Energized, strengthened.

Other synonyms:

distressed. solicitous, concerned. nervous
Other relevant words:
feelings, sudsy, churned-up, tense, unsettled, frenzied, foamy, distressed, foaming, phrenetic, frothing, spumous, worried, moving, emotional, psychedelic, overwrought, tossing, spumy, demoniac, concerned, demoniacal, churning, hectic, seething, on edge, hysterical, roily, solicitous, frenetic, worked up, bubbling, roiling, moved, frantic, wild-eyed.

Usage examples for agitated

  1. " I understand your words; Father," answered the Duke, in an agitated and hollow tone. – The Prime Minister by W.H.G. Kingston
  2. " She was much agitated he murmurs. – 'O Thou, My Austria!' by Ossip Schubin
  3. Dr. Holtum had very keen vision, and very soon he said in agitated tones, " Fred, lad, it is very like the boy Yaspard; and I don't see any boat about." – Viking Boys by Jessie Margaret Edmondston Saxby