Synonyms for Rambling:


digressive (adjective)
disconnected, wordy (adjective)
digressive, long-winded, diffuse, discursive, irregular, incoherent.
discursive (adjective)
errant (adjective)
incoherent (adjective)
diffuse, incoherent, disconnected.
itinerant (adjective)
motiveless (adjective)
irregular, motiveless, haphazard, volatile, arbitrary, fleeting, reasonless, wayward, indecisive, nonsystematic, wandering, random, chancy, ambivalent, capricious, flighty, careless, adrift, Systemless, whimsical, Flitting, impulsive, spastic, sporadic, fickle, fanciful, unmethodical.
sprawling, spread out (adjective)
here and there, unplanned, gangling, random, trailing, scattered.
talkative (adjective)
tramping (adjective)
traveling (adjective)
unintelligible (adjective)
wandering (adjective)
moving, Trekking, marching, Hiking, traveling, Sojourning, nomadic, journeying, touring, wayfaring, wandering, Strolling, coursing, Ambling, Promenading, Roaming, walking, roving.
wordy (adjective)
excessive, talkative, bombastic, lengthy, ponderous, windy, loquacious, grandiloquent, diffuse, superfluous, featherbedding, wandering, wordy, verbose, chatty, long-winded, endless.


baronial, brownstone, migratory, peripatetic, cavernous, ambulatory, itinerant, burned-out, carpeted, comfortable, colonial, vagrant, beachfront, carbuncle, appointed. compact, conversational, clean, articulate, declamatory, trailing, planned, crisp, unplanned, here and there, gangling, economical, scattered. approach, parenthetical, parenthetic. incoherent (noun)
disconnected, wandering, long-winded, verbose, incoherent, diffuse, discursive.
rambling (noun)
discursive, winding, meandering, wandering, indirect, digressive, excursive.


wandering (verb)
cycling, driving, Jaunting, tripping.

Other synonyms:

parenthetic. parenthetical. inarticulate
Other relevant words:
brownstone, colonial, vagrant, migratory, economical, clean, carpeted, discursive, parenthetical, meandering, ambulatory, indirect, winding, trailing, digressive, excursive, approach, articulate, diffuse, itinerant, crisp, declamatory, conversational, gangling, appointed, parenthetic, scattered, burned-out, carbuncle, baronial, peripatetic, beachfront, planned, compact, comfortable, cavernous, incoherent, disconnected, unplanned.

Usage examples for rambling

  1. On the little rise where stood the low, rambling farmhouse, the Colonel, with only a glance at the strangers, turned his back as though refusing to be interrupted, and went on with his orders. – The Boy Scouts on a Submarine by Captain John Blaine
  2. There is only one opening in the woods, a farm which slopes down to the shore in two wide fields, with a low rambling farmhouse. – A Northern Countryside by Rosalind Richards