Synonyms for Ring:


link, panel, police, flash mobbing, commission, flash mob, Support Group, association. property, aspect, bracelet, component, nature, collar, feature, facet, quality, jewelry, factor, peculiarity. confederacy, racket, amplify, cartel, organization, rise, bloc, swell, deepen, pool, corner, go off, monopoly, trust, fade, combine, deafen. cameo, anklet, brooch, bangle, canvas, costume jewelry, square, choker, prize ring, circlet, clip. chime, jingle, bantamweight, arm-wrestling, boxer, bare-knuckle, count out, jangle, toll, cross, ding-dong, tinkle, clang, bout, box. gyre, ball, balloon, bubble, disk, bowl, cone, bulge, wheel, crescent, coil, geometry. contain, kettle, engulf, envelop, enclose, straight, eye. bang, clank, blare, combination, boom, caterwaul, clack, blast, beep, clash. barbecue, cooker, blender, coffee machine, burner, coffee maker, colander, broiler, beater, Barbie. chimes, bell pull, ringer, clapper. ping, ting-a-ling, ding, bell. bumper car, high wire, clown, flume, Ferris Wheel, custard pie, big top, carousel, big wheel. ornithologist, bird watching, Twitcher, Birding, blind, ornithology. busy, busy signal, cut off, dial, answer, caller. hum, rumble, pulsate, roar, resonate, purr, buzz, murmur, grumble. carve, mark out, engrave, imprint, draw, streak, mark. parade, procession, rope, semicircle, formation, scale, row, chain. arena (noun)
circus, theater, campus, auditorium, beat, turf, battle-ground, gymnasium, hall, domain, enclosure, region, amphitheater, ground, hippodrome, field, stage, colosseum, bailiwick, precinct, circuit, arena, area, room, province, realm, battlefield, dominion, locale, courtyard, setting, pen, gallery.
artifact (noun)
badge (noun)
badge, pall, pin, seal, wand, uniform, tartan, mantle, ermine, talisman, crown, scepter, mortarboard, regalia, baton, coronet, emblem, tiara, insignia, signet, orb.
call (noun)
speak to.
chime, bell-like noise (noun)
call, clank.
circle; circular object (noun)
arena, eye, brim, hoop, circuit, circus, enclosure, circlet, band, halo.
edge (noun)
curb, coast, rim, sharpness, frontier limit, brim, precipice, perimeter, border, boundary, side, fringe, edge, brink, extremity, tip, outline, periphery, margin, fence.
gems (noun)
group participating together (noun)
clique, bloc, association, coalition, cartel, cell, crowd, cabal, mob, bunch, combination, racket, clan, faction, trust, coterie, monopoly, corner, organization, crew, combine, troop, pool, junta, troupe, gang, party, outfit.
jewelry (noun)
cameo, choker.
pugilism (noun)
prize ring, sport, fighting, boxing.
ring (noun)
anulus, pack, encircle, gang, circle, hoop, halo, call, resound, peal, closed chain, mob, round, ringing, call up, reverberate, environ, phone, telephone, anchor ring, surround, tintinnabulation, echo, doughnut, annulus.
roundabout (noun)
circumference, annulus, circularity, areola, compass, circuitousness, roundabout, halo, orbit, hemisphere, loop.
social organization (noun)


chime; make bell-like noise (verb)
tinkle, bang, beat, clang, resound, buzz, peal, jangle, toll, resonate, jingle, reverberate.
edge (verb)
limit, trace, contour, bound.
encircle (verb)
circle, round, enclose, loop, compass, surround, rim.
perception (verb)

Other synonyms:

envelop, Twitcher, amplify, clapper, wheel, bell pull, bell, bird watching, kettle, Birding, fade, ornithology, prize ring, ting-a-ling, ornithologist, deafen, gyre. cartel, semicircle, procession, disk, canvas, deepen. buzz, ringer, ding, go off, contain, toll, jingle. row, swell, rope, formation. blind. ping. combination. eye, rise. parade, scale. chain. beset
closed chain.
jangle, tinkle.
chime, peal.
call up, phone.
Other relevant words:
echo, resound, buzz, peal, phone, call up, tinkle, jingle, call, toll, telephone, hoop, prize ring, chime.

Usage examples for ring

  1. " Give me my ring – Traditions of the Tinguian: A Study in Philippine Folk-Lore by Fay-Cooper Cole
  2. The maid answered her ring – The Nest, The White Pagoda, The Suicide, A Forsaken Temple, Miss Jones and The Masterpiece by Anne Douglas Sedgwick
  3. Have you lost your ring – The Nameless Castle by Maurus Jókai