Synonyms for Glass:


libation, acrylic, bone, earthen, concrete, alabaster, elastic, drink, glazed, cardboard. zone, barometer, climatic, temperate, seasonal, climate, weather, spell, weather forecast, meteorology. bottle, barrel, bath, level, carton, jug, cupful. flute, loving cup, snifter, schooner. frosted, crystal, cut glass, frosted glass, glass fiber, pyrex, glassware. mirror, one-way mirror, vanity mirror, two-way mirror. boat (noun)
bottle (noun)
container (noun)
cup (noun)
goblet, jigger, demitasse, bowl, wineglass, mug, stein, shot glass, beaker, tankard, chalice, coffee cup, cup, tumbler, teacup, magnum.
drink (noun)
flask (noun)
glass (noun)
glass over, goblet, jigger, spyglass, jug, chalice, drinking glass, mirror, glaze, snifter, tumbler, mug, glaze over, beaker, looking glass, glass in, field glass, glassful, bottle, cup.


possession (verb)

Other synonyms:

flute, glass fiber, elastic, bone, vanity mirror, loving cup, snifter, pyrex, alabaster, frosted glass, cardboard, drink, earthen, two-way mirror, one-way mirror, glassware. concrete, schooner, carton, cut glass, jug, acrylic. barrel, crystal, glazed, frosted. level. looking-glass
looking glass.
looking glass
Other relevant words:
earthen, bottle, zone, alabaster, schooner, pyrex, jug, glassware, elastic, weather, crystal, cardboard, seasonal, concrete, spyglass, glazed, mirror, flute, snifter, frosted glass, meteorology, barrel, climate, climatic, bath, glaze over, spell, glassful, level, bone, field glass, temperate, carton, cupful, glass over, barometer, glass in, libation, acrylic, drink, frosted, drinking glass, glaze.

Usage examples for glass

  1. Presently the glass window inside was opened. – A Tale of a Lonely Parish by F. Marion Crawford
  2. When was there an hour when you did not look through me as if I were glass – A Day Of Fate by E. P. Roe
  3. After Jack left the hotel Harold went to his room and took a look at himself in the glass – The Eagle's Heart by Hamlin Garland