Synonyms for Round:


ball-shaped; semicircular area (adjective)
circular, rotund, arced, cylindrical, bowed, globular, discoid, bulbous, globose, annular, oval, orbiculate, rounded, bent, spherical, orbicular, looped, arched.
circular (adjective)
circuitous, rounded, cycloid, annular, orbital, orbicular, spherical, disklike, circular.
complete (adjective)
whole, full, entire, finished, accomplished, done.
curved (adjective)
arced, arched, bent, looped, bowed.
full-bodied, ample in size (adjective)
expansive, tubby, roly-poly, plumpish, generous, pudgy, chubby.
large (adjective)
extensive, liberal, expansive, generous.
resonant (adjective)
resonant, rich in sound (adjective)
vibrant, sonorous, resounding, ringing, orotund, plangent.
round (adjective)
spherical, rounded, potbellied, rotund, bulbous, corpulent.
tubular (adjective)


all (adverb)
approximate (adverb)
near, around.


in depth, sound, unadulterated, utter, pure, outright, total, thorough. cylindrical, beauty contest, electioneering, by election, election, direct elections, advance poll, elect, oval, chad, disenfranchise. angular, spin, clean, concave, chunky, whirl, concentric, bent, closed, aerodynamic, asymmetrical. globoid, work, open up, reshape, deform, geometry. box, chubby, roly-poly, bare-knuckle, bantamweight, boxer, cross, pudgy, zaftig, tubby, plumpish, arm-wrestling, count out, corner, boxing. avoid, mellow, shave, pass by, ringing, sonorous, detour, pass, plangent, clear, circumnavigate, resonant, vibrant, resounding, range, circumvent. bed, assemble, bowl, call, bowlful, consumption, cluster, can, cake, congregate, convoke, gather, C, collect, crumb, muster, convene, batch, summon, group, bite, get together. beverage, infusion, potion, refreshments, drop, drink, pick-me-up, nectar. championship, crown, cup, close season, contest, card, clash, the Commonwealth Games, challenge, bye. visit, courtesy call, conducted tour, flying visit, whistle-stop tour, look-in, open house. campaign, record, trail, charm offensive, process, operation, syndrome, series. approximate (noun)
rough, approximate.
around (noun)
bend (noun)
curve (noun)
cycle, stage (noun)
whirl, turn, level, series, beat, bout.
globe, ball; semicircular area (noun)
bend, loop, curve, ring, bow, circle, arch.
golf (noun)
birdie, caddy, bunker, backswing, bogey, bogie, ace.
round (noun)
brush up, ring, disklike, daily round, global, rung, round off, bout, bulbous, coccoid, nutlike, circle, circular, discoid, globular, round down, labialize, fill out, assail, snipe, round out, rhythm, pear-shaped, around, polish up, polish, orotund, labialise, cumuliform, ringlike, inexact, globose, spherical, attack, orbicular, turn, spheric, moonlike, bulblike, environ, unit of ammunition, round of drinks, cycle, surround, beat, full, roundish, ball-shaped, round of golf, stave, rotund, assault, orbiculate, lash out, moon-round, encircle, capitate, one shot, discoidal.
rung (noun)
table (noun)
desk, captain's table, bench, dining table, console, sideboard, dresser, counter, kitchen table, bar, workbench, turntable, lamp stand, coffee table, nightstand, tea table, table, buffet.
tables (noun)
captain's tables, tea tables, Benches, coffee tables, consoles, dressers, desks, buffets, dining tables, bars, sideboards, nightstands, turntables, counters, workbenches, lamp stands, kitchen tables, tables.
unit of ammunition (noun)
cartridge, bullet.


complete (verb)
finished, done, accomplished.
curve (verb)
bend, sweep, curve, hook, crook, swerve, sag, camber, hang, arch, bow.
make curved; remove angles (verb)
coil, form, shape, whorl, curl, crook, polish, perfect.
turn; encircle (verb)
surround, spin, circumnavigate.

Other synonyms:

pass by, roly-poly, conducted tour, zaftig, charm offensive, flying visit, globoid, courtesy call, whistle-stop tour, plumpish, angular, ringing. plangent, tubby, series, sonorous, resounding, look-in, syndrome, resonant, shave, detour, pudgy. vibrant, open house, avoid. mellow, entire. visit. campaign. whole, perfect. trail. range, process. record. pass. clear. good. call. curve
Other relevant words:
full, stave, around, globular, circle, ring, good, cycle, loop, annular, spin, series, turn, bout, whirl, rung, ringlike, beat.

Usage examples for round

  1. I looked round and saw no one. – The Red Planet by William J. Locke
  2. Or will she go round with my hand? – Anthony Lyveden by Dornford Yates
  3. " Another round she said. – Joe Burke's Last Stand by John Moncure Wetterau