Synonyms for Group:


agency, anchor, communal, account, tribal, blue-chip, the biz, agent, big business, kindred, common, racial, acquisition, affiliate. batch, organization, lot, commission, clump, police, clutch, Support Group, bundle, flash mobbing, association, flash mob, cluster, panel, knot. congress, busload, muster, get together, crush, age group. characterize. combo, dance band, girl band, ensemble, boy band, brass band, gamelan, chamber orchestra. in unison, multilateral, in association with, together, in company with, bilateral, united, combined. variety, cross-section, taxonomy. minimum, scarcity, one or two, scattering, handful, few, minority, hairsbreadth, sprinkling. collection (noun)
corps, partnership, college, formation, stew, bloc, federation, omnium-gatherum, council, salad, medley, assortment.
crew (noun)
hive, cadre, gang, battalion, league, body, division, retinue, regiment, ring, bevy, junta, outfit, staff, assembly, troupe, nest, fraternity, detail, circle, litter, detachment, cabal, drove, force, crowd, mob, collection, brigade, army, covey, host, tribe, complement, company, caucus, phalanx, coalition, crew, assemblage, troop, posse, pack, cell, union, herd, clan, team, society, platoon, club, coterie, squad, clique, flock, fleet, school, wing, sect, aggregation, party, colony, fellowship, faction, string.
entirety (noun)
number of individuals collectively (noun)
formation, coterie, covey, company, batch, cluster, set, grade, organization, assembly, clutch, clump, assortment, bevy, crew, collection, lot, body, assemblage, sort, aggregation, class, posse, society, pack, faction, party, band, circle, bunch, club, troop, platoon, clique, bundle, gang, association, crowd, league.
school (noun)
school of thought (noun)
variety (noun)
youth (noun)


bring together (verb)
collect, harmonize, systematize, arrange, organize, assemble, get together.
categorize (verb)
brand, designate, assort, stamp, label.
classify, sort (verb)
categorize, rank, pigeonhole, order, marshal, assort.
collect (verb)
assemble, mix, collect, bunch, band, aggregate.

Other synonyms:

cluster, multilateral, tribal, scarcity, taxonomy, bilateral, scattering, characterize. combined, sprinkling, organization, minimum, few, bundle. get together, handful, congress, united, muster. clump, variety. association, knot. minority. together. bunch
class, classify.

Usage examples for group

  1. There was another group of wounded in the church of Oudecapelle. – The Soul of the War by Philip Gibbs
  2. Gussie, as he joined our little group seemed upset about something. – Right Ho, Jeeves by P. G. Wodehouse
  3. There's our own Group – The Penal Cluster by Ivar Jorgensen (AKA Randall Garrett)