Synonyms for Line:


entirely (adverb)


idea, thought, ideal, theory, philosophy, concept, commitment, faith. crescendo, accompaniment, flourish, descant, excerpt, arpeggio, mark, breakbeat, counterpoint, cadence, tracing. barb, comment, rope, bromide, backchat, bon mot, allusion, afterthought, aside, wire, filament, back talk, cord. cold turkey, abuse, genealogy, comedown, dependence, addiction, heredity, crackhouse, clean, bust, crack den. battalion, brigade, detail, contingent, command, advance guard, company, detachment, cavalry, corps. passage, route, street, angle, road, lane, direction. copy, restriction, words, check, restraint, control, constraint. front, alter, sew, let out, mend, disposition, stitch, pin up, formation, embroider, turn up. blank, amendment, contents, box, coda, annex, foot, attention line, attachment, annexe, sideline. descendant, forbear, branch, Fathers, antecedents, ancestor, airline, forebear, transportation. mindset, industry, framework, involvement, logic, trade, view, school of thought, pragmatism, mind, perspective, viewpoint. cell, bleeper, material, produce, merchandise, commodity, wares, calling card, card, cameraphone, answering machine, 3G, 4G, beeper, button. cover, bury, blanket, coat, completely, smother, top, recover, everywhere, constantly, crown, wrap. collaboration, smooth, division of labor, appointment, delegation, call, background. diagonal, chord, means, modus operandi, attack, horizontal, tack, axis, curvature, procedure, approach, diameter, inclined plane, plan, technique, arc. avalanche, chain reaction, ware, proceedings, matter, domino effect, pattern, rash, good, process. half-truth, a tissue of lies, column, falsehood, white lie, group, fabrication, tier, file, invention, disinformation, lie, untruth, misinformation. contain, encircle, ring, hem in, engulf, surround, envelop, range, enclose, kettle. dermis, epidermis, cuticle, freckle, beauty mark, birthmark, beauty spot, flesh, follicle. connection, corner, cloverleaf, carpool lane, central reservation, chicane, camber, bicycle lane, bike lane. twine, clip, safety belt, rubber band, holder. side, no man's land, port of entry, state line. end product, lineup, brand leader, brand name, generation, derivative, byproduct. crocodile, phalanx, cordon, flow. starting line, the home stretch, straight, inside lane, straightaway, inside track, circuit, start. part, prompt, come-on, exit, Exeunt, stage direction. arow (noun)
fissure, range, list, column, ridge, division, band, catalogue, length, mark, scar, formation, magazine, group, block, trench, file, drain.
category (noun)
class, level, grain, strain, clan, kind, degree, designation, race, genotype, species, step, grade, feather, form, breed, persuasion, denomination, people, phylum, variety, type, brand, taxonomy, genus, Family, stripe, style, kingdom, ilk, sort, set, order, make, stamp, category, mold, label, classification, caste, stock.
cord (noun)
correspondence (noun)
epistle, acknowledgment, note, letter, message, answer, post, reply, dispatch, correspondence, postcard.
ethnic group (noun)
gauge (noun)
dial, ruler, micrometer, scale, protractor, yardstick, square, compass, transit, calipers, rod, straightedge, tape measure, T square, sextant, vernier, rule, log, gauge.
good (noun)
letter (noun)
policy (noun)
route, belief, principle, policy, plan.
product (noun)
railroad (noun)
rail line.
sequence (noun)
linkage, course, queue, array, subsequence, chain, Consecution, series, consequence, succession, rank, gamut, legacy, lineage, link, string, progression, thread, sequel, concatenation, procession, Consecutiveness, arrangement, train, sequence.
unit of measurement (noun)
wire (noun)
wrinkle (noun)
written communication (noun)


line (verb)
insulate, delineate, range, pack, pad, draw, trace, Interline, inlay, face, wad.
put covering inside object (verb)
face, Interline, cover, wad.
stative (verb)
run along.

Other synonyms:

cordon, port of entry, end product, stage direction, horizontal, brand leader, state line, brand name, Exeunt, band, inclined plane, ware, wire, inside lane, starting line, domino effect, modus operandi, diameter, diagonal. byproduct, filament, chord, inside track, curvature, vocation, pattern, axis, straightaway, approach, direction, policy, procedure, no man's land, merchandise, technique, division, chain reaction, career. crocodile, arc, proceedings, genealogy, passage, avalanche, profession, tack, column, calling, rash. art, branch, strap, process, exit, work, pole, racket, craft, prompt. length, trade, employment. program, flow. spring. come-on. part. start, straight, side, stick. aline

Usage examples for line

  1. " It ain't in my line I says. – The Nether World by George Gissing
  2. The lips of his friend were pressed into a straight line – Warrior of the Dawn by Howard Carleton Browne
  3. Everybody thought the new line on his face was put there by the death of his brother. – A Master's Degree by Margaret Hill McCarter