Synonyms for Dividing:


dividing (noun)
disjunctive, divisional, nonbearing.
giving (noun)


alienating (verb)
Divorcing, Distancing, pushing away, Disaffecting, Disuniting, Separating, alienating, estranging.
allotting (verb)
Portioning, rationing, assigning, budgeting, segmenting, Earmarking, parceling, dealing, apportioning, Allotting, setting, Meting, sharing, allocating, Dispensing, Allowing, Distributing, giving.
calculating (verb)
Presuming, planning, determining, Enumerating, counting, Triangulating, appraising, programming, Gauging, scheduling, Deducing, Surmising, Inferring, calculating, Approximating, figuring, Adding, weighing, scoring, Considering, Estimating, accounting, Supposing, Plotting, scheming, Systematizing, Totaling, rating, Tallying, thinking, Assessing, concluding, Valuing, quantizing, studying, evaluating, judging, reckoning, Summing, rationalizing, ranking, computing, measuring, Multiplying, quantifying, guessing.
dissociating (verb)
Segregating, partitioning, rending, parting, Disjoining, Excising, uncoupling, Detaching, Disconnecting, Halving, Disengaging, dismantling, Insulating, Disassociating, Sundering, cleaving, Dissociating, breaking, Rupturing, splitting, fragmenting, severing.
halving (verb)
forking, fissuring, bifurcating, tearing, Slitting, branching.
portioning (verb)
zoning, compartmentalizing, Subdividing, Dismembering, Piecing, chunking.
separating (verb)
disassembling, paring, Disintegrating, unhinging, axing, Removing, cutting, Amputating, ungluing, disaffiliating, Incising, slicing, Dissecting, ripping, Bisecting, unfixing.

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Other relevant words:
disjunctive, divisional, nonbearing.

Usage examples for dividing

  1. I knew these people and I knew that there had been strife among them for a long time over the dividing of an inheritance. – The Black Man's Place in South Africa by Peter Nielsen
  2. The object of the tug is to pull the opponent up and over the dividing line. – Games for the Playground, Home, School and Gymnasium by Jessie H. Bancroft