Synonyms for Scheming:


cunning (adjective)
cunning, deft, smooth, quick, tricky, masterly, skillful, astute, slick, ingenious, slippery, snaky, feline, calculating, sharp, serpentine, designing, masterful, witty, crafty, wary, clever, canny, wily, sly, shrewd, foxy, artful, devious, subtle.
deceitful, sly (adjective)
conniving, slippery, cunning, designing, foxy, wily, artful, tricky, calculating, crafty.
dishonest (adjective)
untruthful (adjective)
lying, devious, deceptive, two-faced, untruthful.


attitude. scheming (noun)
calculating, conniving, shrewd, hard, artful, designing, calculative.


calculating (verb)
figuring, concluding, quantizing, Estimating, computing, studying, accounting, Assessing, scoring, reckoning, programming, Deducing, thinking, Surmising, Tallying, Considering, Summing, calculating, quantifying, guessing, Triangulating, Totaling, Presuming, rationalizing, Approximating, rating, Supposing, Gauging, evaluating, Systematizing, judging, Adding, Valuing, Inferring, planning, appraising, Enumerating, ranking, scheduling, measuring, Plotting, counting, determining, Multiplying, weighing, dividing.
intending (verb)
resolving, Intending, Aiming, Expecting, Proposing, meaning, wishing, Minding, Choosing.
ordering (verb)
designing, Mediating, grouping, devising, sifting, Marshalling, integrating, Maintaining, Harmonizing, supporting, unsnarling, pigeonholing, unifying, regulating, stabilizing, schematizing, fixing, normalizing, ordering, balancing, categorizing, subordinating, controlling, typing, casting, Methodizing, composing, arranging, Classifying, grading, shaping, Placing, Collating, sorting, setting, Stratifying, Classing, orchestrating, structuring, Separating, framing, Arraying, Organizing, settling, Adjusting, Preparing, screening, Righting, charting, Establishing, Forming.
planning (verb)
Anticipating, Conceiving, blueprinting, Premeditating, coordinating, Contriving, Inventing.
venturing (verb)
Doing, acting, undertaking, Initiating, Maneuvering, campaigning, performing, Venturing, proceeding, pursuing, Endeavoring.

Other synonyms:

guileful. Other relevant words:
attitude, conniving, means, hard, ability, guileful, calculative.

Usage examples for scheming

  1. For hour after hour would we go on plotting and planning and scheming stepping about the cook- house in our earnestness, and entirely engrossed with the topic. – The Frozen Pirate by W. Clark Russell
  2. " If I had been a scheming calculating Yankee, I should have been rich now; but all my life I have been too generous and confiding. – The Strength of Gideon and Other Stories Strength of Gideon; Mammy Peggy's Pride; Viney's Free Papers; The Fruitful Sleeping of The Rev. Elisha Edwards; The Ingrate; The Case of 'Ca'line'; The Finish of Patsy Barnes; One Man's Fortunes; Jim's Probation; U by Paul Laurence Dunbar
  3. He has better orders than I could give, for I am no hand at scheming – Erema My Father's Sin by R. D. Blackmore