Synonyms for Portion:


aperitif, course, dessert, antipasto, cheeseboard, appetizer, accompaniment, crudites, appetiser, entree. ingestion, substructure, detail, unit. claim, title. certain, predestination, kismet. allotment (noun)
quantum, quota, stipend, proportion, lot, stake, apportionment, division, part, allocation, percentage, allotment, dispensation, commission, assignment, allowance, chunk, piece.
component (noun)
filament, fragment, ingredient, feature, factor, constituent, matter, item, material, medium, element, section, article, component.
fate, destiny (noun)
fortune, luck, kismet.
fraction (noun)
numerator, quarter, denominator, third.
portion (noun)
component part, percentage, circumstances, sector, half, allot, interest, compartment, luck, serving, fraction, subdivision, lot, member, destiny, parcel, component, part, stock, fortune, bit, fate, assign, dividend, helping, share.
predestination (noun)
quarter (noun)
share, cut, ration (noun)
chunk, allocation, apportionment, division, moiety, measure, bit, member, fraction, divvy, fragment, quota, part, helping, allotment, piece, quantum, section, serving, lot, quantity, segment, parcel, allowance.


allot (verb)
budget, slice, measure, assign, segment, cut, set, Mete, give, partition, deal, allocate, allow, split, allot, earmark, apportion, parcel, distribute, ration, share, divide, dispense.
divide into pieces (verb)
apportion, distribute, ration, allot, dispense, deal, allocate, partition, assign, share.
portion (verb)
dismember, halve, zone, subdivide, compartmentalize.

Other synonyms:

detail, substructure, moiety. kismet, predestination. dole. unit. title. way. Other relevant words:
circumstances, destiny, appetiser, accompaniment, detail, entree, kismet, fortune, fate, dole, way, ingestion, claim, dessert, substructure, course, moiety, component part, certain, predestination, title, crudites, antipasto, divvy, unit, cheeseboard, serving, aperitif, luck, appetizer.

Usage examples for portion

  1. Some of the others kept running about, but the greater portion were standing looking up at him. – On the Banks of the Amazon by W.H.G. Kingston
  2. We say to ourselves " y has the West Half; and m has the Inner portion of that West Half." – Symbolic Logic by Lewis Carroll
  3. The Club had that day received a portion of their month's pay in silver, and some grumbled, thinking they should have received their full wages in gold. – The Comstock Club by Charles Carroll Goodwin