Synonyms for Half:


fractional (adjective)
sectional, fragmentary, quarter, fractional, semi, segmental, third, part.
halved (adjective)
halve, bifurcated, Bisected, forked, branching, divided, split, cut, halfway, fissured, cleaved, severed, carved.
middle (adjective)
core, geocentric, middle, mean, nuclear, half-and-half, pivotal, intermediate, equidistant, mid, axial, halfway, medium, average, middle-of-the-road, middling, midmost, mezzo, Bisecting, mediocre, centralized, median, central, medial.
partial (adjective)
fifty-fifty, divided, Halved, Bisected, fractional, partly.
portioned (adjective)
segmented, measured, sliced, compartmented, apportioned, Parceled, cut, shared, budgeted, fraction, split, Pieced, subdivided, partitioned, divided, Dismembered, allotted, Portioned, Zoned, rationed.


chaser, cup, alcohol, dram, aperitif, booze, double, belt, drink. sadly, utter, unspeakable, sorry, such as it is, hopelessly, excruciating, downright, utterly, thorough. eleventh, fifteenth, billionth, fiftieth, common denominator, eighth, fifth, common fraction, And. first half, extra time, pregame, break, overtime, halftime, injury time, run-in. mildly, slightly, quite, partly, vaguely, fairly, a little, a bit, somewhat, pretty. bisection (noun)
bifurcation, fissure, dichotomy, cleavage, branch, hemisphere, fork.
fraction (noun)
fragment, denominator, third, section, numerator, quarter.
middle (noun)
hub, kernel, heart, marrow, nub, midpoint, nucleus, bisection, axis, midst, epicenter, halfway point, center, pivot, mediocrity.
one of two equal parts of a whole (noun)
fraction, hemisphere, bisection, division.
partly (noun)
partial, mixed, divided in two, fifty-fifty, Halved, two, equally distributed in halves, divided by two.
portion (noun)
percentage, partition, allotment, split, chunk, dividend, ration, measure, budget, quantum, portion, parcel, slice, lot, commission, compartment, member, share, segment, interest, helping, stock, stake, proportion, cut, bit, part, fraction, sector, zone, subdivision, division, quota, piece, allowance.

Other synonyms:

first half, extra time, halftime, injury time, pregame. overtime, run-in. break. Other relevant words:
cup, drink, slightly, break, double, sadly, quite, belt, pretty, billionth, chaser, booze, Halved, And, sorry, partly, fiftieth, thorough, partial, fifteenth, halftime, two, eleventh, utterly, first half, mildly, hopelessly, dram, pregame, excruciating, overtime, aperitif, common fraction, somewhat, alcohol, downright, fifth, utter, run-in, unspeakable, mixed, fifty-fifty, vaguely, fairly, eighth.

Usage examples for half

  1. " You've been known to go half a year. – Out of the Primitive by Robert Ames Bennet
  2. I answered " You didn't see the other half – Letters of a Dakota Divorcee by Jane Burr
  3. A half truth would be the best way out. – The Untamed by Max Brand