Synonyms for Basketball:


b-ball, cage meet, hoop, sport, hoopfest, bat, round ball, beach ball, birdie. act (noun)
basketball game.
ball (noun)
ball, soft ball, eight ball, cannon ball, orb, sphere, globe, medicine ball, tennis ball, globule, Ping-pong Ball, snowball, bowling ball, golf ball, ball bearing.
basketball (noun)
basketball game, basket, foul out, full-court press, backboard, field goal, dunk, center, goaltending, foul line.
sport (noun)
croquet, fencing, bowling, skating, pool, hockey, cricket, softball, snooker, baseball, discus, golf, lacrosse, shinny, badminton, archery, Sharpshooting, ping-pong, shot put, tennis, table tennis, boxing, wrestling, football, curling, squash, water polo, soccer, volleyball, polo, rugby, handball.
team sport (noun)
ball, b-ball.

Other synonyms:

beach ball, birdie. bat. basketball
center, basket, hoop, full-court press, backboard, foul line, field goal, dunk, goaltending, foul out.
Other relevant words:
sport, goaltending, birdie, b-ball, basket, basketball game, bat, hoop.

Usage examples for basketball

  1. It requires a passer of special mental type, and one of considerable basketball ability who can dodge and get his pass off accurately even when apparently covered. – The Forward Pass in Football by Elmer Berry