Synonyms for Move:


draw out, abandon, leave, come away, move on, get away. deed, maneuver, activity, thing, demonstration, operation, action, venture. shake, retire, disturb, migrate, brain drain, immigrate, emigrate, dislocate, decamp, resettle, move out. appeal, call, allow, claim, arraign, cite, affirm, bring before. dismay, wound, depress, distress, upset, worry, hang over, stab, devastate. change, alter, diversify, turn into, change into, go into, convert. mix, hang around with, circulate, see, go around, associate with, pal around, socialize, know. go to, take over, get around to, get down to, set about, dive in, begin, start on. peddle, auction, sell, hawk, stock, retail. bagatelle, checker, Chinese Checkers, checkerboard, chess, backgammon, domino, counter, board game, checkers. bend, bow, crook, burrow, crane, balance, double over, crouch, bestride, cower. dart, charge, gallop, surge, be quick on your feet, speed, fly. target, woo, sway, reason with, win over, get in with, persuade, sweeten up. digress, beat around the bush, get off, wander, get away from, stray, drag in. press, walk-on, forge ahead, head. act (noun)
changes (noun)
correction, evolution, alteration, transformation, effect, reform, adjustment, shake up.
motility (noun)
motion (noun)
motility, motion.
move (noun)
incite, make a motion, be active, motion, motivate, impress, propel, strike, actuate, locomote, affect, run, relocation, travel, go, prompt, motility, act, movement.
progress, deed (noun)
alteration, shift, act, change, motion, movement, stir, maneuver, action.


act (verb)
enterprise, comport, labor, endeavor, appear, execute, function, exercise, perpetrate, react, transact, behave, officiate, perform, work, conduct, act, operate.
be in motion, put in motion (verb)
get away, fly, run, go, flow, locomote, march, dislocate, budge, impel, travel, leave, carry, advance, progress, transfer, disturb, relocate, remove, actuate, drive, migrate, shove, get off, proceed, transport, propel, push.
carry (verb)
express, remove, convey, cart, deliver, dispatch, bear, transmit, send, haul, carry, transport.
change (verb)
go, run.
competition (verb)
motivate (verb)
induce, strike, energize, sling, jerk, knock, propel, instigate, poke, drive, goad, punch, prod, catapult, heave, shove, foment, magnetize, provoke, bump, lob, prompt, launch, hasten, jostle, thrust, motivate, ferment, nudge, jog, trigger, push, pitch, throw, shoot, inspire, urge, jolt, impel, hurtle, encourage, fling, force, ram, stimulate, entice, hurl, fire.
motivate, influence (verb)
induce, impress, operate, incite, strike, stimulate, excite, convert, affect, sway, prompt, instigate, persuade, urge, inspire.
move (verb)
go, course, transit, actuate, relocate, stir, transfer, run, proceed, budge, flow, pass, migrate, shift.

Other synonyms:

resettle, emigrate, hawk, deed, brain drain, immigrate, digress, venture, peddle, demonstration, persuade, change, put back, postpone, move out, activity. circulate, mobilize, stray, reschedule, get away from, operation, auction, drag in, bring forward, decamp, wander, action, dart, forge ahead, retire, rearrange, march. dislocate, evolution, thing, galvanize, retail, advance, put off, walk-on, disturb, pique. maneuver, fly, take over, inflame, upset, schedule. progress. shake. time. stock. press. head. bring
carry out
change into.
get away, move out.
get along
get along, move on.
emigrate, come away, leave.
work up
work up.
Other relevant words:
bend, locomote, sell, motion, travel, make a motion, action, excite, affect, deed, sway, act, change, thing, movement, maneuver, incite.

Usage examples for move

  1. Cherry did not move – Sisters by Kathleen Norris
  2. " Yes, but she will never be able to move herself. – Virginia by Ellen Glasgow
  3. He could stand, but could hardly move – Who Goes There? by Blackwood Ketcham Benson