Synonyms for Shot:


damaged (adjective)
out of action.
killed (adjective)
injured, Attacked.


alternative medicine, analgesia, aromatherapy, anaesthesia, acupressure, Artificial Feeding, artificial insemination, acupuncture, anesthesia, aftercare. charge, trial, pounding, endeavor, assault, tanning, attempt, effort, take, assay, try, essay, swoop, counterattack, onslaught, salvo, attack, aggression. cup, chaser, double, aperitif, booze, drink, alcohol, whack. chase, occasion, trial run, luck, break, stand, opportunity, chance, opening, struggle. big, sip, backdrop, ingestion, dram, drop, sight, slug, jigger, perspective, snort, tot, viewpoint. ball, chip, corner, backhand, dribble, blast, delivery, dive, cross. basketball, beach ball, birdie, baseball, handball, bat, football, golf ball, bowling ball. buckshot, caliber, blank cartridge, bullet, bandolier, flak, cartridge, blank, calibre, dum-dum. black-and-blue, critical, hurt, battered, cut-up, comfortable, out of action, wounded, lame. fusillade, fire, friendly fire, crossfire, exchange, drive-by, cover, fire fight. photographer, photograph, paparazzi, photomontage, photography. chance (noun)
occasion, opening.
discharge; ammunition (noun)
buckshot, ball, slug, pellet, bullet.
impulse (noun)
knock, strike, prod, nudge, impulse, sling, jolt, motivation, shove, jerk, thrust, pitch, push, momentum, poke, punch, jog, bump.
ruined (noun)
exhausted, broken, worn-out, spent, kaput.
shell (noun)
shot (noun)
colourful, dead reckoning, guesswork, changeable, barb, guess, blastoff, nip, colorful, gibe, iridescent, guessing, dig, chatoyant, scene, jibe, slam, snapshot, pellet, shooting, shaft, injection, shooter.
try, chance (noun)
break, endeavor, guess, attempt, whack, effort, opening, opportunity, occasion.


injured (verb)
motivated (verb)
magnetized, Bumped, jolted, inspired, drove, goaded, induced, Hastened, forced, Jogged, heaved, catapulted, Instigated, Propelled, Hurtled, Launched, Jerked, nudged, Energized, pitched, Poked, motivated, Shoved, Lobbed, Hurled, Punched, Slung, Threw, struck, fermented, Urged, Rammed, stimulated, Jostled, moved, Pushed, Fomented, triggered, Knocked, Flung, Prodded, stricken, impelled, fired, driven, provoked, thrown, Enticed.

Other synonyms:

jigger, drink, photographer, opportunity, kaput. dram, slug, broken, fire, snort, effort, photomontage, endeavor, photography, attempt, take. ball, assay, sip. essay, drop, trial, tot, opening. chance. occasion. dead-reckoning
dead reckoning.
Other relevant words:
opportunity, try, injection, snapshot, attempt, buckshot, pellet, essay, effort, photograph, shooter, bullet, guess, whack, take, barb, snort, nip, chance.

Usage examples for shot

  1. We had been shot down at the same time. – The Biography of a Rabbit by Roy Benson, Jr.
  2. Far off a shot could be heard- then another. – The Bad Man by Charles Hanson Towne
  3. He's not broke, by a long shot – The Plunderer by Roy Norton