Synonyms for Arrow:


quiver, shaft, arrowhead, bow. check, checkmark, hieroglyphics, caret, asterisk, hash mark, dollar sign, cross. arrow (noun)
communication (noun)
indicator (noun)
perforator (noun)
punch, penetrator, needle, die, skewer, thorn, poker, gouge, bore, drill, puncture, spike, tip, spur, blade, Perforator, auger, stick, bit, point.
pointed weapon or symbol (noun)
shaft, dart, missile, pointer, bolt, indicator.
projectile (noun)
shaft (noun)
dart, butt shaft, barb, indicator, sign, directive, bolt.
weapon (noun)
mortar, shooter, Remington, flamethrower, shell, piece, mace, bayonet, shotgun, heater, luger, peashooter, scimitar, saber, handgun, sidewinder, club, muzzle, machine gun, stiletto, winchester, bazooka, armament, battery, revolver, musket, missile, Bilbo, dagger, repeater, rifle, cutlass, javelin, artillery, blunderbuss, claymore, gun, blowgun, ordnance, ax, colt, rapier, howitzer, rocket, lance, firearm, weapon, spear, bomber, knife, machete, torpedo, broadsword, ammunition, browning, boomerang, carbine, weaponry, trigger, pistol, bullet, sword, bow and arrow, blowpipe, cannon.

Other synonyms:

checkmark, asterisk, dollar sign, hash mark, arrowhead, caret. bow, hieroglyphics, shaft. quiver, bolt. cross. check. missile
Other relevant words:
caret, barb, asterisk, shaft, directive, cross, dart, pointer, checkmark, sign, indicator, bolt, hieroglyphics, arrowhead, check.

Usage examples for arrow

  1. Ah, that will do," he cried, as the second arrow struck considerably above the hat, " I shall get my gloves yet," and he handed the third arrow – Tom Brown at Oxford by Thomas Hughes
  2. Him, too, the arrow caught, so that he fell almost on the other. – The Virgin of the Sun by H. R. Haggard
  3. " No tribe made this arrow Sipar declared. – The World That Couldn't Be by Clifford Donald Simak