Synonyms for Report:


recital, A to Z, findings, detail, exposition, wire, telegram, cable, fact, data, datum. get in, come in, outline, get, pronouncement, draw in, enter, appear, arrive, reach, digest, land, proclamation, opinion. noise, detonation, blast, picture, depiction, portrait, shot, characterization, profile. relay, point out, advise, version, divulge, words, let someone know, deliver, give someone to understand (that). blackboard, hearsay, tattle, tittle-tattle, all-nighter, chalkboard, dictation, eraser, talebearing, scuttlebutt, exercise book, word, essay, Gossipry, classwork, crib. Annual Report, concept statement, confidentiality agreement, dossier, certificate, blue book, document, respect, character, company report, Consent Form, rep, charter. put out, explosion, rat-a-tat-tat, go to press, break, serialize, splash, bark, run, pop, carry, print. write, put pen to paper, compose, set down, get down, copy down, commit something to paper/writing. cacophony, clamor, beep, clamour, blare. newscast, newsroom, exclusive, front page, current affairs, newsworthy, headline-grabbing, communique. exposure, dog, confession, finger, denunciation, fink, frame up, denounce, frame. account, story (noun)
opinion, digest, proclamation, chronicle, telegram, dispatch, message, brief, broadcast, record, cable, narrative, information, news, wire, statement, outline, release, word, description, pronouncement, communication, recital, picture, paper, communique, announcement, summary, detail, version, article, history.
answer (noun)
book (noun)
manual, index, chapter, serial, textbook, magazine, booklet, compendium, tract, volume, brochure, handbook, libretto, book, script, tome, novel, pamphlet, work, list, verse, insert, leaflet, catalog, folio, play book.
communication (noun)
study, account.
gossip, talk (noun)
comment, hearsay, chitchat, speech, scuttlebutt, rumor, tattle, chat.
information (noun)
loud noise (noun)
crash, boom, detonation, explosion, blast, bang.
news (noun)
information, news, announcement, notice, epistle, communication, gossip, account, flash, message, rumor, dispatch, bulletin, statement, release.
publication (noun)
newspaper, promotion, organ, gazette, journalism, dissemination, newsmagazine, handbill, review, promulgation, commercial, periodical, propaganda, circular, newsletter, publication, herald, advertisement.
record (noun)
memoir, log.
reputation (noun)
rep, character.
snap (noun)
knock, boom, snap, clack, click, crash, smack, thwack, rap, flap, bang, clap, whack, tap, slap, crepitation, burst, bump, thump, slam.
speech (noun)
oral communication, chattering, talking, dialect, recitation, vocalization, debate, babbling, locution, remark, discussion, speaking, chat, oration, prattle, speech, jabbering, voice, spoken word, dialog, chitchat, circumlocution, patter, elocution, allocution.
talebearing (noun)
telegram (noun)
word (noun)
written communication (noun)


interpret (verb)
interpret, render, annotate, rephrase, decode, condense, explain, analyze, elucidate, paraphrase, transcribe, decipher, comment, translate, restate.
present oneself (verb)
arrive, appear, reach.
publish (verb)
publish, advertise, promote, broadcast, propagandize, announce, promulgate, post, circulate, brief.
report (verb)
retell, recount, describe, state, portray, summarize, Journalize, narrate, tell.

Other synonyms:

rep, A to Z, fact, version, newscast, pop, relay, talebearing, detail, rat-a-tat-tat, advise, splash, serialize, findings, data, digest, tittle-tattle, Gossipry, arrive. point out, outline, recital, scuttlebutt, exposition, explosion. put out, print. bark. appear. run, carry. character, break. get. certificate
write up.
set down.
Other relevant words:
pronouncement, story, hearsay, word, noise.

Usage examples for report

  1. " Report says he's one of themselves. – Blind Love by Wilkie Collins
  2. She wants your report – Anthony Lyveden by Dornford Yates