Synonyms for Paper:


thin, flimsy (adjective)
unsubstantial (adjective)
flimsy, thin.


alabaster, elastic, glass, earthen, acrylic, concrete, glazed, bone. essay, defective, ineffective, futile, pathetic, words, useless, worthless, inefficient, pointless, purposeless, faulty. clinic, module, placement, graduation, assignment, credit, master class, coursework. brochure, comic book, back-number, broadsheet, compact, back copy, back issue, biweekly, comic, bulletin. cement, varnish, wax, tile, carpet, plate, board over, ice. crib, examiner, borderline, certificate, mock, cheat sheet, crib note, candidate, examination, exam. sandpaper, pasteboard, card, gift wrap, ream, page, kraft. on paper, unanswered, circular, newsy, valid, written, in black and white, enclosed, textual, returnable. drop cloth, masking tape, coat, distemper, paint, paintbrush, gloss paint, creosote, grout, gloss. material, papers, correspondence, ephemera, paperwork, rewrite, printed matter, documentation, packet, pack. discussion, text, thesis, monograph, critique, meditation, treatise, dissertation. certificate (noun)
communication (noun)
report, theme, composition.
material upon which one writes (noun)
parchment, card, newsprint, vellum, tissue.
paper (noun)
manila, blotting paper, vellum, Note paper, newspaper publisher, crepe, rice paper, newspaper, wall paper, bond, tarpaper, theme, roofing paper, parchment, report, newsprint, carbon paper, wrapping paper, onionskin, wallpaper, composition, cardboard, tissue, wax paper, papier-mache, cellophane, foolscap.
thesis, article (noun)
dissertation, monograph, assignment, critique, report, theme, treatise, composition, examination, essay.


hang (verb)
paste-up, plaster, cover.
line with material (verb)
plaster, wallpaper, cover.

Other synonyms:

dissertation, master class, gift wrap, sandpaper, coursework, monograph, board over, kraft. graduation, critique, grout, thesis, clinic, discussion. placement, essay, tile, varnish, assignment, module. carpet. ice, cement, concrete, ream, plaster. text, wax. credit. page. plate. paperboard
Other relevant words:
coursework, printed matter, concrete, assignment, examination, discussion, wax, coat, biweekly, composition, page, material, plaster, cement, compact, placement, glass, varnish, theme, flimsy, ream, report, dissertation, clinic, newspaper publisher, thesis, monograph, ice, papers, alabaster, critique, newspaper, bulletin, treatise, essay, cover, sandpaper, pasteboard, module, wallpaper, broadsheet, tile, graduation, brochure, certificate, card, grout.

Usage examples for paper

  1. " She did hold a paper and you gave it to me, I remember. – Wives and Widows; or The Broken Life by Ann S. Stephens
  2. Why, had it not been for you I might have been made to sign that paper – A Daughter of the Union by Lucy Foster Madison
  3. We fight To keep our name upon that paper white. – The Poems of Henry Van Dyke by Henry Van Dyke