Synonyms for Information:


A to Z, detail, findings, datum. lore, consciousness, sensitivity, expertise, experience, Familiarity, awareness. call center, courtesy phone, blue pages, caller id, call forwarding, BT, call divert, chat line, answering service, call waiting. advice (noun)
clue, caveat, prompt, suggestion, caution, briefing, tip, advocacy, hint, warning, monition, advice, instruction, intelligence, recommendation, guidance, cue, encouragement, pointer, direction.
evidence (noun)
demonstration, authentication, deposition, confirmation, exemplification, establishment, validation, quotation, attestation, declaration, corroboration, specimen, fact, manifestation, illustration, indication, support, observation, counter-evidence, determination, testimony, documentation, substantiation, exhibit, connotation, certification, proof.
facts, news (noun)
erudition, intelligence, data, clue, advice, notice, message, knowledge, instruction, lore, tip, cue, wisdom, info, learning, report.
information (noun)
entropy, facts, evidence, info, details, selective information, knowledge, data.
instruction (noun)
knowledge (noun)
erudition, wisdom, know-how, education, cognizance, intellect, learning, understanding, ken, comprehension.
lore (noun)
news (noun)
dispatch, notice, epistle, flash, message, report, gossip, account, bulletin, statement, release, announcement, rumor, news, communication.

Other synonyms:

Familiarity, detail, findings, expertise, experience, A to Z, consciousness. sensitivity. consciousness
Other relevant words:
lore, awareness, BT, entropy, findings, expertise, info, Familiarity, experience, datum, detail, selective information, sensitivity, consciousness.

Usage examples for information

  1. His only hope now was to get his information to Colonel Throckmorton as soon as possible. – The Boy Scout Aviators by George Durston
  2. I want a little information at times." – The Thin Red Line; and Blue Blood by Arthur Griffiths
  3. Bubbles obeyed, and came back with the information – A Sweet Little Maid by Amy E. Blanchard