Synonyms for Cry:


chant, uproar, acclamation, halloo, rage, noise, yawp, hurrah, hullabaloo, yammer. brood, alight, flap, hiss, cheep, screech, squeak, pipe, twitter, clack, whistle, beat. wailing, answer, tears, reaction, weeping, welcome, response, sobbing, interplay, outburst, plaint, reflex, lamentation, mourning, reply. order, different, dissimilar, remote, summons, request, demand, application, plea. choke up, cry/sob your heart out, yowl, keen, dissolve into, blubber, happy. burst out, cock-a-doodle-doo, blurt, rap out, words. Ouch, OW, bluster. knowledge, plug, advertise, popularize, talk up, pitch, misty-eyed, dry your eyes, publicize, tear, teardrop, build up, tearful, bring tears to your eyes, promote, weepy, misty, push, ballyhoo. calling out; yelling (noun)
exclamation, uproar, acclamation, gobble, squeak, outcry, yell, hurrah, hullabaloo, vociferation.
communication (noun)
outcry, shout, call, yell, vociferation.
cry (noun)
call, weep, blazon out, cry out, vociferation, shout, call out, outcry, exclaim, yell.
hurrah (noun)
lamentation (noun)
outcry (noun)
pain (noun)
ululation (noun)
quack, honk, caw, bark, ululation, moo, whinny, squeal, snort, squawk, coo, cluck, yelp, cuckoo, roar, grunt, bay, call, bellow, howl, meow, purr, bleat, trill, mew, chirp, bray, snarl, hoot, twit, cackle, growl, gobble, chatter, warble, crow, neigh, bawl.
voice (noun)
exclamation, pronunciation, intonation, utterance, articulation, speech, emission, enunciation.
weeping and making sad sounds (noun)
mourning, sobbing, lamentation, wailing, tears.


advertise (verb)
publicize, build up.
call out, yell (verb)
screech, holler, cheer, bark, whistle, quack, yawp, trill, snarl, squawk, coo, cluck, yelp, exclaim, shout, hiss, bellow, chatter, bleat, meow, moo, scream, cackle, twitter, pipe, clamor, call, shriek, hoot, whinny, caw, grunt, growl, clack, whoop, crow, roar, bay.
communication (verb)
holler, scream, call, yell, shout.
cry (verb)
holler, yell, shriek, shout, whoop, cheer, scream.
ululate (verb)
bray, meow, gobble, twit, crow, chirp, coo, warble, call, grunt, howl, snarl, honk, mew, bleat, cluck, bark, moo, trill, squeal, neigh, roar, cackle, whinny, hoot, chatter, caw, purr, quack, squawk, growl, yelp, bellow, bawl, snort, bay, cuckoo.

Other synonyms:

cock-a-doodle-doo, burst out, sobbing, twitter, teardrop, Ouch, OW, tearful, interplay, response, ballyhoo, weepy, wailing, whistle, rap out, weeping, choke up. lamentation, rage, misty-eyed, yawp, blubber, reflex, bluster, brood. publicize, reply, chant. hiss, misty, tear, advertise. beat, alight. push, reaction, welcome, promote. answer. pitch. call-out
call out.
shout out
Other relevant words:
build up, pitch, blazon out, rap out, outcry, reaction, hullabaloo, halloo, weepy, blubber, cry out, answer, advertise, pipe, demand, whistle, choke up, welcome, plaint, talk up, yammer, OW, noise, twitter, reflex, hurrah, clack, lamentation, vociferation, push, reply, acclamation, summons, wailing, rage, popularize, misty-eyed, request, teardrop, mourning, keen, blurt, tear, promote, hiss, screech, Ouch, ballyhoo, tears, weeping, plea, plug, publicize, uproar, sobbing, burst out, bluster, yawp, remote, yowl, squeak, alight.

Usage examples for cry

  1. You are safe with me, so don't cry any more. – If Any Man Sin by H. A. Cody
  2. What has she to cry about? – Doctor Cupid by Rhoda Broughton
  3. A cry in the night! – The Bars of Iron by Ethel May Dell