Synonyms for Considering:


attentive (adjective)
heedful, diligent, intent, regardful, absorbed, entranced, interested, observant, alert, observing, rapt, fascinated, mindful, Immersed, enraptured, sharp, attentive, responsible, Concentrating, Scrutinizing, Hearkening, concerned, watchful, careful, engrossed, vigilant, cautious.
taking everything in mind (adjective)
insomuch as, inasmuch as, everything being equal, forasmuch as, in consideration of, taking into account, in view of, pending.


insomuch as, in consideration of, rest on, taking into account, in view of, be anchored in something, on the strength of, everything being equal, assume, build around, being as how, inasmuch as, consist in, pending, rooted, with something in view, forasmuch as, be founded on/upon, presume. considering (noun)
in view of.


calculating (verb)
scoring, scheduling, computing, determining, Tallying, judging, Surmising, Multiplying, Totaling, studying, reckoning, rating, thinking, Adding, scheming, guessing, accounting, Enumerating, counting, Supposing, Plotting, programming, ranking, quantizing, Triangulating, Valuing, rationalizing, concluding, Summing, Inferring, Presuming, calculating, measuring, Approximating, weighing, quantifying, Systematizing, Deducing, Gauging, Assessing, figuring, appraising, Estimating, dividing, evaluating, planning.
examining (verb)
verifying, surveying, Checking, scanning, Inspecting, reviewing, Examining, perusing.
imagining (verb)
Inventing, Perceiving, designing, Creating, fantasizing, Theorizing, Opining, brainstorming, Conceiving.
intending (verb)
Aiming, Endeavoring, wishing, Minding, Proposing, Expecting, Choosing, meaning, Intending.
judging (verb)
ruling, resolving, Pronouncing, deciding, Adjudicating, Mediating, Sentencing, Arbitrating, refereeing, finding.
thinking (verb)
reflecting, musing, reasoning, Meditating, Imagining, pondering, cerebrating, Cogitating, daydreaming, Debating, Contemplating, brooding, Speculating, envisioning, Deliberating, Analyzing.

Other synonyms:

build around, rest on, consist in, rooted. presume. assume. Other relevant words:
inasmuch as, rooted, taking into account, assume, insomuch as, in view of, in consideration of, everything being equal, presume, pending.

Usage examples for Considering

  1. The horse gave a tug, then another, but failed to clear himself and settled down again as if considering something. – Master and Man by Leo Tolstoy
  2. Of course, considering what you are able to do, it wouldn't really make much difference. – Oneness by James H. Schmitz
  3. Then he seemed to be considering the matter eagerly. – The Title Market by Emily Post