Synonyms for Judgment:


weighing, inquisition, scrutiny, contemplation, inquest, observation, estimation, diagnosis, regard, probing, pursuit, clarity, exploration, analysis, inspection, reconnaissance, quest, study, interpretation, examination, inquiry, search, review, vision, evaluation. conviction, critique, stance, summary, attitude, decree, stand, self-assessment, comment, recommendation, inference, viewpoint, reputation, induction, dictum, moral, conclusion, estimate, commentary, report. mortification, nemesis, leniency, infliction, manifestation, a slap on the wrist, misfortune, lesson, visitation. illation, illative. gumption, ability, common sense. Appraisement, valuation, value. edict, law. rap. act (noun)
assessment, judgement.
advice (noun)
belief (noun)
choice (noun)
choice, alternative, desire, selection, pick, volition, option, discretion, preference, wish, election.
cognition (noun)
judgement, mind.
common sense (noun)
keenness, wit, incisiveness, wisdom, genius, readiness, reach, ingenuity, prudence, discrimination, soundness, mentality, acuteness, acumen, intuition, perception, comprehension, astuteness, sharpness, discernment, quickness, intelligence, sagacity, capacity, sanity, range, rationality, sense, awareness, grasp, sophistication, experience, knowledge, perspicacity, sapience, reason.
decision about blame (noun)
inspection, search, reconnaissance, conclusion, conviction, assessment, finding, scrutiny, inquiry, regard, resolution, inquest, examination, arbitration, estimate, exploration, determination, summary, evaluation, ruling, quest, analysis, opinion, verdict, probing, deduction, pursuit, contemplation, inquisition, inference, appraisal, sentence, decree, observation, review, estimation, report.
discrimination (noun)
doom, fate (noun)
castigation, affliction, chastisement, punishment, misfortune, retribution, manifestation, correction, mortification, visitation, infliction.
gumption (noun)
horse sense.
intelligence (noun)
comprehension, wisdom, genius, mastery, intelligence, erudition, acumen, sophistication, sagaciousness, knowledge, perspicuity, intellect, profundity, astuteness, cogency.
judgement (noun)
assessment, verdict, decision, mediation, finding, consideration, adjudication, sentence, ruling, justice, pronouncement, determination, resolution, appraisal, arbitration.
judgment (noun)
judgement, perspicacity, sound judgment, judging, mind, sagaciousness, assessment, discernment, judicial decision, opinion, sagacity, Sound Judgement.
knowledge (noun)
penalty (noun)
discount, retribution, abatement, encumbrance, discipline, drawback, deduction, fine, correction, handicap, penalty, burden, forfeiture, punishment, premium, chastisement.
punishment (noun)
distress, torture, affliction, imprisonment, crucifixion, execution, confinement, incarceration, castigation, persecution, price, agony, payment, revenge, reprisal, anguish.
sense (noun)


caution (verb)

Other synonyms:

estimation, evaluation, reason, sanity, brilliance, horse sense, recommendation, Appraisement, comment, intuition, inference, wit, perception, induction, illation, ingenuity, discrimination, illative, critique, leniency. common sense, vision, grasp, awareness, conclusion. gumption, edict, experience. lesson. analysis
in sight
mental ability
estimate, opinion.
sound judgement
Sound Judgement.
Other relevant words:
decree, reason, analysis, acquittal, ability, edict, sound judgment, perspicacity, horse sense, regard, sapience, bar, illation, perspicuousness, critique, induction, judging, review, brilliance, Appraisement, examination, prudence, acuteness, discernment, interpretation, intuition, illative, stance, weighing, comment, common sense, rationality, estimate, diagnosis, recommendation, dictum, judgement, infliction, opinion, discrimination, depth, judicial decision, wit, experience, conclusion, grasp, mind, attitude, sense, estimation, valuation, sagacity, sanity, evaluation, gumption, perception, Sound Judgement, capacity, nemesis, inference, rap, observation, awareness, conviction.

Usage examples for judgment

  1. " No, he wouldn't either," he said after a moment's thought, " Jack o' Judgment knows as much about it as I do." – Jack O' Judgment by Edgar Wallace
  2. As judge in the matter he had chosen Lady Cantrip, and Lady Cantrip had given judgment against him. – The Duke's Children by Anthony Trollope
  3. It is not a question of passing judgment but no man can sit at our table as a matter of right. – Atlantida by Pierre Benoit