Synonyms for Assume:


play out, keep up, tease, play along, shoulder. join, arrive, break into, slip on, stand in, get on, substitute, pull on, slip into, fill in. hijack, counterfeit, fake, true, take charge (of), handle, move in on, take the lead, run with it, see to. rooted, belief, reckon, build around, be anchored in something, rest on, Considering, be founded on/upon, on the strength of, consist in. assume (noun)
presume, take for granted, take over, put on, don, feign, arrogate, take, get into, strike, sham, simulate, accept, wear, usurp, acquire, take up, seize, adopt, take on, bear.


acquire (verb)
garner, procure, add, amass, pocket, retrieve, annex, palm, heap, claim, collect, obtain, net, purchase, accumulate, take, acquire, buy, lure, land, incur, bag, get, fetch, reap, win, secure, capture, wrangle, corner, receive, catch, harvest, score.
adopt, acquire (verb)
hijack, annex, usurp, commandeer, preempt.
cognition (verb)
take for granted, presume.
expect (verb)
envisage, deduce, await, suspect, dread, infer, anticipate, expect, envision, foresee, imagine, apprehend, foreknow, presuppose, forebode, contemplate.
hope (verb)
intend, want, yearn, hope, rely, dream of, wish, desire, aspire.
motion (verb)
strike, take, take up.
possession (verb)
accept, bear, take over.
pretend (verb)
fake, adopt, put on, simulate, feign, counterfeit.
social (verb)
adopt, take on, take over.
take, undertake (verb)
don, arrogate, acquire, take over, take on, take up, seize.

Other synonyms:

Considering, rooted, build around, see to, consist in, take it, rest on, believe in. move in on, fancy, think, recognize, preempt, hijack. counterfeit, imply, posit. shoulder, commandeer. reckon, handle. believe
feel, hold, suppose.
get on
slip into.
put on, feign.
take up.
take over

Usage examples for assume

  1. It is safe to assume that he was looking intently ahead, trying to make out the crossing. – Green Fancy by George Barr McCutcheon
  2. She had to steel herself for the coming interview with Caryl; she had to face the result of her headlong actions with as firm a front as she could assume – The Safety Curtain, and Other Stories by Ethel M. Dell
  3. What business had they to assume that I meant the worst? – Julian Home by Dean Frederic W. Farrar