Synonyms for Genius:


intelligent (adjective)
knowing, smart, erudite, sharp, gifted, sophisticated, perspicacious, profound, knowledgeable, intellectual, sagacious, worldly, brilliant, wise, brainy, intelligent, bright, astute, Comprehending, encyclopedic, clever, canny, capable, cogent.
sagacious (adjective)
intelligent, philosophic, authoritative, wise, intellectual, master, sagacious, expert, adept, brilliant, scholarly.
skillful (adjective)
competent, adept, ambidextrous, deft, versatile, crafty, apt, artful, Sure-footed, talented, efficient, expert, handy, clever, agile, proficient, facile, masterful, skilled, able, capable, cunning, dexterous, skillful, accomplished, nimble, adroit.


faculty, perspicacity, endowment, inspiration, enthusiasm, power, grasp, imagination, gift, sympathy, understanding, propensity, reach, Percipience, acuteness, turn, afflatus, accomplishment, prowess, discernment, subtlety, bent, sagacity, capacity. mensa, polymath, egghead, artful dodger, author, quick study. be a past master at doing something, can do something in your sleep, have a flair for something, be in practice, be no slouch, have/get something down to a fine art, taste, have a magic touch, be able to do something, have an eye for. brilliancy, good, fire. approach, instinct, aptness. bent (noun)
child prodigy (noun)
cognition (noun)
expert (noun)
crackerjack, authority, professional, technician, maven, sophisticate, pro, artist, journeyman, buff, wizard, connoisseur, specialist, whiz, consultant.
genius (noun)
mastermind, maven, star, brain, brilliance, wiz, wizard, flair, wizardry, adept, hotshot, whiz, virtuoso, ace, whizz, sensation.
gift of high intellect (noun)
discernment, propensity, acumen, brain, grasp, aptness, prowess, knack, expert, intelligence, capability, flair, wisdom, turn, reach, ability, adept, aptitude, virtuoso, Percipience, prodigy, brilliance, acuteness, endowment, faculty, bent, power, talent, sagacity, astuteness, capacity, inspiration, understanding, imagination, perspicacity, accomplishment.
highbrow (noun)
savant, philosopher.
intellectual (noun)
intelligence (noun)
intellect, acumen, erudition, sagaciousness, profundity, perspicuity, knowledge, comprehension, intelligence, cogency, judgment, astuteness, sophistication, wisdom.
prodigy (noun)
magician, prodigy, spectacle, miracle, luminary, marvel, sensation, phenomenon, mahatma, shocker, paragon, rarity, thunderbolt, oddity, curiosity, wonder, star, stunner.
sage (noun)
sage, savant, mandarin, wise person, guru, thinker.
scholar (noun)
master, doctor, intellectual, academic, philosopher, student, scholar, professor.
skill (noun)
craft, flair, expertise, dexterity, talent, adeptness, experience, skill, artfulness, acuity, deftness, know-how, knack, proficiency, technique, ability, adroitness, competence, cunning, facility, aptitude, mastery, capability.

Other synonyms:

mensa, polymath, egghead, artful dodger, aptness, quick study. instinct, brilliancy. inspiration, faculty. gift. fire. Other relevant words:
fire, afflatus, bent, aptness, egghead, brain, power, wiz, faculty, accomplishment, brilliance, whizz, hotshot, imagination, polymath, propensity, turn, mastermind, grasp, instinct, wizardry, sagacity, understanding, capacity, reach, Percipience, acuteness, ace, mensa, brilliancy, gift, perspicacity, inspiration, endowment, discernment, virtuoso, prowess.

Usage examples for genius

  1. " Especially if one has a genius for it,- eh, boy? – Devereux, Book I. by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  2. Poor old Bob, as you may suppose, is not a genius – No Hero by E.W. Hornung