Synonyms for Wonder:


delight, anticipation, satisfaction, enthusiasm, joie de vivre, ecstasy, kick, pleasure, excitement. contemplate, evaluate, take a long hard look at someone/something, assess, nonpareil, take something into consideration, ponder, think over, plan, freak, portent, think out, consider, perversion. dream, inspiration, thoroughbred, good, the sublime, model, masterpiece, classic. dread, amaze, excellent, wonderful, excite, superb, tremendous, exceptional, decent, fine, feelings, incredible. reel, shudder at, not know what hit you, supernatural, do a double take, be taken aback, catch your breath, boggle. dubiousness, dubiety, incertitude, guiding light, legend, mistrust, golden girl, role model, doubtfulness, certain, folk hero, skepticism, hero, idol, uncertainty, suspicion, golden boy, heroine. alarm (noun)
amazement (noun)
bewilderment, awe, consternation, doubt, wondering, puzzlement, jar, perturbation, shock, amazement, surprise, perplexity, jolt, stupefaction, wonderment, confusion, skepticism, curiosity, stupor, suspicion, start, astonishment, uncertainty, admiration, reverence, fascination.
doubt (noun)
feeling (noun)
wonderment, admiration.
mistrust (noun)
prodigy (noun)
luminary, rarity, genius, mahatma, whiz, miracle, wizard, prodigy, oddity, paragon, expert, spectacle, sensation, crackerjack, talent, star, shocker, magician, thunderbolt, curiosity, stunner, phenomenon.
something that is amazing (noun)
miracle, freak, nonpareil, stunner, phenomenon, sensation, spectacle, oddity, marvel, prodigy, portent, rarity.
surprise (noun)
wonder (noun)
curiosity, admiration, wonderment, fascination, marvel, enquire, question, reverence, inquire.


be amazed (verb)
stare, gawk, be taken aback, boggle, gape.
cognition (verb)
inquire, enquire.
communication (verb)
doubt (verb)
distrust, question, vacillate, waver, doubt, suspect, disbelieve.
doubt; ponder (verb)
disbelieve, inquire, question.
wonder (verb)
astound, engross, stare, bewilder, gawk, gape, fascinate, astonish.

Other synonyms:

dubiousness, doubtfulness, shudder at, joie de vivre, superb, guiding light, wonderful, folk hero, role model. enthusiasm, pleasure, skepticism, satisfaction, heroine, idol, boggle, excitement, tremendous, dubiety, incertitude, jolt, excellent. delight, ecstasy, mistrust, dread, legend, kick, exceptional, decent. incredible, hero. uncertainty. classic. reel. fine. good. astonishment
Other relevant words:
delight, incredible, dread, contemplate, ecstasy, enquire, assess, inspiration, wondering, incertitude, wonderful, thoroughbred, pleasure, evaluate, dream, model, amaze, dubiousness, stupor, uncertainty, anticipation, good, portent, consternation, boggle, excitement, fine, mistrust, feelings, jolt, jar, satisfaction, heroine, freak, ponder, confusion, suspicion, inquire, hero, kick, consider, perplexity, plan, idol, enthusiasm, exceptional, perturbation, skepticism, classic, certain, excite, legend, puzzlement, start, reel, doubtfulness, tremendous, masterpiece, be taken aback, supernatural, stupefaction, excellent, perversion, superb, nonpareil, decent, dubiety, admiration.

Usage examples for wonder

  1. That chap's a wonder – Rung Ho! by Talbot Mundy
  2. Wonder what dey'll have. – Jimmie Moore of Bucktown by Melvin Earnest Trotter
  3. I wonder I wonder shall I ever be as happy again? – The Heart of Una Sackville by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey