Synonyms for Intelligent:


bright (adjective)
discriminating (adjective)
intellectual (adjective)
rational, understanding, thinking, brainy, egghead, psychological, intellectual, reasoning, cerebral.
intelligent (adjective)
perspicacious, cogent, smart, sharp, profound, knowing, brainy, astute, brilliant, erudite, gifted, clever, capable, bright, worldly, genius, sophisticated, intellectual, wise, Comprehending, sagacious, knowledgeable, encyclopedic, canny.
knowing (adjective)
cognizant, intellectual, experienced, shrewd, omniscient, erudite, informed, educated, streetwise, competent, wise, versed, learned, encylopedic, canny, knowing.
reasonable (adjective)
logical, rational, likely, plausible, sound, sensible, feasible, inductive, deductive, conceivable, thinking, wise, cogent, reasonable, thought-out.
sagacious (adjective)
scholarly, master, philosophic, brilliant, wise, authoritative, intellectual, sagacious, genius, adept, expert.
sharp (adjective)
very smart (adjective)
perceptive, clever, inventive, sharp, alive, perspicacious, quick-witted, imaginative, capable, Comprehending, ingenious, sage, smart, astute, thinking, penetrating, exceptional, witty, apt, reasonable, alert, profound, discerning, knowledgeable, brilliant, responsible, resourceful, original, keen, creative, well-informed, rational, wise, quick, ready, deep, bright, understanding, knowing, acute, brainy, calculating.
well-informed (adjective)
witty (adjective)
inventive, pointed, ingenious, comical, quick-witted, funny, deft, facetious, crafty, sharp, clever, shrewd, quick, scurrilous, sophisticated, pithy, resourceful, foxy, artful, dry, waggish, wily, astute, sparkling, smart, adroit, sarcastic, jocular, joking, urbane, brilliant, witty, scintillating, subtle, canny, cunning, tricky, droll, sly.


bursty, Antivirus, backward-compatible, compatibility, case-sensitive, asynchronous, clickable, best-of-breed, farsighted, active, compatible. ability. Sharp-witted. reason, consequent. intelligent (noun)
prehensile, searching, keen, agile, born, apt, reasoning, well-informed, trenchant, scintillating, rational, brilliant, sound, thinking, clever, incisive, sophisticated, reasonable, sensible, natural, alert, innate, brainy, sharp, smart as a whip, bright, ready, healthy, quick, levelheaded, smart, nimble.


discriminating (verb)

Other synonyms:

original, perceptive, academic, imaginative, clear-sighted. penetrating, consequent. gifted
Other relevant words:
ready, healthy, responsible, alert, best-of-breed, judicious, calculating, Sharp-witted, active, asynchronous, academic, discriminating, incisive, farsighted, deep, agile, alive, apt, born, innate, smart as a whip, prehensile, creative, ability, studious, discerning, Antivirus, clearheaded, sage, compatible, compatibility, nimble, imaginative, levelheaded, slow-witted, contemplative, thoughtful, exceptional, acute, clickable, searching, trenchant, keen, reason, perceptive, case-sensitive, natural, precocious, backward-compatible, penetrating, well-informed, clear-sighted, bursty, original, consequent.

Usage examples for intelligent

  1. All three of them were talking at once, and she could not hear any intelligent sentence, but it was all to do with the " deal." – Colorado Jim by George Goodchild