Synonyms for Astute:


all (adjective)
shrewd, sharp.
aware (adjective)
feeling, sensitive, responsive, conscious, observant, aware, Apprised, mindful, appreciative, sentient, cognizant, sensory, familiar with, attentive, perceptive.
cunning (adjective)
smooth, clever, masterful, masterly, subtle, foxy, shrewd, slick, snaky, calculating, deft, devious, designing, ingenious, skillful, crafty, quick, witty, cunning, scheming, artful, canny, wily, feline, sly, tricky, sharp, wary, slippery, serpentine.
intelligent (adjective)
gifted, intelligent, encyclopedic, intellectual, canny, profound, sharp, knowing, sagacious, Comprehending, perspicacious, brilliant, wise, bright, sophisticated, erudite, genius, capable, clever, smart, brainy, cogent, worldly, knowledgeable.
intuitive (adjective)
artful, shrewd, cunning, instinctual, clever, intuitive, tricky, canny, insightful, sophisticated, far-sighted, sly, wily, instinctive, crafty.
perceptive (adjective)
crafty, foxy, calculating, clever, savvy, sagacious, canny, intelligent, knowing, sharp, perspicacious, adroit, sly, insightful, shrewd, brainy, bright.
sharp (adjective)
witty (adjective)
intelligent, cunning, pithy, funny, crafty, scintillating, adroit, canny, resourceful, subtle, inventive, brilliant, urbane, quick-witted, sparkling, sharp, sophisticated, ingenious, foxy, wily, comical, pointed, shrewd, tricky, facetious, smart, scurrilous, quick, dry, sly, deft, sarcastic, clever, droll, joking, artful, witty, jocular, waggish.


academic, able. savvy, careful, ability, cagey. astute (noun)
sharp, smart, shrewd.
keen (noun)
study atshrewd.

Other synonyms:

savvy, cagey. Other relevant words:
savvy, careful, able, cagey.

Usage examples for astute

  1. " There is but one thing to be done," observed the astute detective after he had heard Sir Walter's statement of the case. – The Pursuit of the House-Boat by John Kendrick Bangs
  2. Perhaps this notion occurred to the astute and experienced Lieutenant Ogilvie, who considered it his duty to warn his youthful and ingenuous friend. – Macleod of Dare by William Black
  3. Serjeant Burnaby, though astute was not specially brisk by nature; but on this Friday morning Mr. Joram was very brisk indeed. – Ralph the Heir by Anthony Trollope