Synonyms for Artful:


all (adjective)
calculating (adjective)
cunning (adjective)
slippery, foxy, wary, skillful, deft, subtle, devious, astute, crafty, quick, designing, masterful, feline, sharp, cunning, ingenious, tricky, calculating, clever, slick, wily, sly, witty, snaky, scheming, serpentine, shrewd, canny, smooth, masterly.
intuitive (adjective)
insightful, instinctive, sly, shrewd, clever, cunning, crafty, instinctual, far-sighted, sophisticated, wily, intuitive, astute, tricky, canny.
sharp (adjective)
skillful (adjective)
genius, apt, cunning, skilled, deft, skillful, competent, facile, handy, adroit, nimble, accomplished, Sure-footed, dexterous, crafty, ambidextrous, talented, efficient, able, adept, expert, versatile, agile, capable, proficient, clever, masterful.
skillful; cunning (adjective)
dexterous, sharp, shrewd, smart, proficient, ingenious, clever, designing, resourceful, foxy, smooth, masterly, crafty, scheming, adept, wily, adroit, tricky, sly, slick.
stylish (adjective)
graceful, adept, eloquent, deft, clever, artistic, talented, expressive, capable, skillful, stylish, adroit.
witty (adjective)
inventive, intelligent, sharp, cunning, sly, foxy, sophisticated, pointed, comical, facetious, wily, crafty, clever, sparkling, urbane, canny, joking, droll, brilliant, scurrilous, dry, quick-witted, quick, tricky, deft, shrewd, funny, resourceful, astute, witty, scintillating, ingenious, smart, sarcastic, jocular, subtle, adroit, pithy, waggish.


skillfully, nice, tight, barnstorming. ability, untruthful, knowledge, deceitful, fraudulent, unscrupulous, corrupt, dishonest, unprincipled, dubious. honest, means. artful (noun)
disingenuous, precious, elusive, guileful, dodgy, byzantine, foxy, cunning, distorted, evasive, wily, scheming, perverted, manipulative, adroit, knavish, twisted, slick, clever, crafty, pawky, cute, designing, deep, misrepresented, sly, ingenious, tricksy, tricky.
crafty (noun)
intelligent, dishonest, tricksy, clever, devious, sly, cunning, wily, shrewd, astute, crafty.
skillful (noun)
adroit, dexterous, able, skilled, clever, ingenious.

Other synonyms:

nice, barnstorming. tight.

Usage examples for artful

  1. But for all that she's a prey to the artful o' men- unpertected. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  2. And now a weighty question We shall determine; ye know how everywhere The insolent pretender hath spread abroad His artful rumours; letters everywhere, By him distributed, have sowed alarm And doubt; seditious whispers to and fro Pass in the market- places; minds are seething. – Boris Godunov A Drama in Verse by Alexander Pushkin Rendered into English verse by Alfred Hayes