Synonyms for Aware:


all (adjective)
cognizant, cognisant.
attentive (adjective)
aware (adjective)
cognizant, conscious, observant, sensory, perceptive, sentient, mindful, responsive, attentive, sensitive, familiar with, Apprised, feeling, appreciative, astute.
cautious (adjective)
careful, cautious, heedful, deliberate, alert, circumspect, watchful, guarded, observant, mindful, wary, attentive, prudent.
enthusiastic (adjective)
born-again, avid, enthusiastic, motivated, eager, wholehearted, mad about something, fervent, keen, hooked.
knowledgeable (adjective)
appreciative, sensible, mindful, alive, conscious, heedful, informed, hip, on to, awake, wise, attentive, alert, Apprised, knowing, cognizant, perceptive, sentient.


conversant, familiar with something, omniscient, clued up, au fait, awake to something. knowledge, wise, on to, hip. aware (noun)
careful, witting, sensible, alive, awake, well aware, remindful, redolent of, conscious, knowing, cognisant, redolent, cognizant, alert, knowledgeable, informed, reminiscent of, heedful, mindful, evocative, reminiscent.
conscious (noun)
study atconscious.

Other synonyms:

conversant, omniscient, clued up, au fait. hip. wise. Other relevant words:
awake, reminiscent, cognisant, conversant, knowing, knowledgeable, witting, avid, motivated, fervent, alive, born-again, evocative, au fait, hooked, remindful, enthusiastic, wise, hip, sensible, knowledge, redolent, wholehearted, eager, keen, informed, omniscient.

Usage examples for aware

  1. So far as I am aware no one but her grandfather. – Donal Grant by George MacDonald
  2. " My lord," he said, " you must be aware of the reasons why you should not present yourself here!" – Donal Grant by George MacDonald
  3. He did not learn that Clarissa was away, and was not aware of that fact till they all sat down to dinner at seven o'clock. – Ralph the Heir by Anthony Trollope