Synonyms for Obtain:


glean, donate, accept, lay up, make use of, save, derive, get at, drum up, inherit, nab, hoard, grab, get together, invade, effect, realize. exist, subsist, be, live, operate, co-occur, coexist, kick around, come by. obtain (noun)
hold, prevail, incur, receive, find, get.
pertain (noun)


acquire (verb)
fetch, land, wrangle, net, palm, corner, buy, score, acquire, heap, accumulate, receive, retrieve, assume, incur, lure, garner, reap, amass, procure, collect, pocket, annex, harvest, purchase, add, claim, bag.
attract (verb)
drum up.
borrow (verb)
borrow, appropriate.
capture (verb)
secure, collar, arrest, gain, take, seize, catch, win, achieve, snare, get, apprehend, capture, abduct, occupy.
get, acquire (verb)
inherit, nab, occupy, lay up, realize, invade, reap, receive, get at, come by, secure, save, gain, seize, hoard, glean, fetch, retrieve, drum up, procure, effect, grab, pocket, collect, take, annex, achieve, capture, purchase, make use of, score, win.

Other synonyms:

get together, nab, inherit, co-occur, be, coexist. exist, derive, grab, subsist. realize, accept. come by. kick around. live. acquire
come by.
make use of.

Usage examples for obtain

  1. To whom can I turn to obtain a favor for me?" – Berlin and Sans-Souci by Louise Muhlbach
  2. It isn't an address, but a certain person whom I would like to obtain some information about; in fact, to find out something that interests me very deeply. – San-Cravate; or, The Messengers; Little Streams by Charles Paul de Kock