Synonyms for Coincidence:


incidental, coincidentally, serendipity, time, accidentally, unlucky, stochastic. equilibrium, convergence, event, overlap, common denominator, parallel, eventuality. accidental happening (noun)
eventuality, chance, fate, fortuity, accident, luck, fluke.
agreement; coexistence (noun)
concurrence, parallelism, accord, consonance, concomitance, union, accordance, conjunction, synchronism.
chance (noun)
fluke, chance, purposelessness, haphazardness, accident, fortune, coin toss, fate, happenstance, adventure, opportunity, fortuity, randomness, luck, aimlessness.
circumstance (noun)
coincidence (noun)
concurrence, happenstance, conjunction, co-occurrence.
combination (noun)
concurrence (noun)
cooperation, concurrence, synchronism, tandem, combination, co-action, synergy.
correspondence (noun)
agreement, accordance, coexistence, parallelism, accord, unison, consonance.
event (noun)
simultaneousness (noun)
concomitance, synchronization, simultaneousness.
unity (noun)
integrity, atom, Indivisibility, fundamentality, union, sameness, intactness, identity, oneness, singleness, unity, congruity, embodiment, entireness, cohesion, holism, entirety, element, solidarity, congruence, homogeneity, purity, coherence, completeness, simplicity.

Other synonyms:

accidentally, convergence, stochastic, coincidentally, parallelism, unlucky, serendipity, common denominator. event, time. equilibrium, parallel. overlap. contemporaneousness
Other relevant words:
coincidentally, eventuality, accidentally, co-occurrence, event, convergence, stochastic, accordance, conjunction, unison, serendipity, accord, agreement, parallelism, consonance, coexistence, unlucky, overlap.

Usage examples for coincidence

  1. Fortunate coincidence wasn't it? – Torchy, Private Sec. by Sewell Ford
  2. A curious coincidence occurred at this time. – Sketches of the Covenanters by J. C. McFeeters