Synonyms for Palm:


clubfoot, fern, curly, oil, ball, bourbon, date, piasava, appendage, palmetto, wine, armpit, walkstick, Assai, big toe, fan, umbrella, royal, wax, palmyra, cabbage, betel, raphia, arch, sea-coconut, ankle, brazilian, arm, West African, washington, doom, rattan, calf, para. blue ribbon (noun)
body (noun)
garland (noun)
laurel, wreath, crown.
palm (noun)
laurel wreath, medallion, palm tree, decoration, thenar, ribbon, medal, handle.
tree (noun)
dogwood, maple, lime, apricot, cherry, cassia, laurel, sycamore, elm, mangrove, butternut, peach, tamarack, avocado, balsa, quince, fir, yew, elder, coconut, ironwood, citron, acacia, eucalyptus, sequoia, aspen, willow, juniper, cypress, tree, alder, linden, larch, pine, walnut, mimosa, oak, almond, birch, cedar, hickory, apple, pear, teak, mahogany, mulberry, orange, ebony, pecan, papaya, ash, chestnut, sandalwood, lemon, beech, magnolia, cottonwood, banyan, redwood, rosewood, fig, weeping willow, spruce, gum, cashew, poplar, mountain ash, breadfruit, locust, balsam.
trees (noun)
bay, bay tree, baobab.
trophy (noun)
testimonial, memorabilia, garland, memorial, plaque, monument, keepsake, wreath, decoration, remembrance, favor, treasure, commemoration, prize, souvenir, ribbon, medal, crown, marker, trophy, cup, memento.


contact (verb)
feel (verb)
handle, paw, ply, caress, palpate, twiddle, manipulate, finger.
steal (verb)
heist, pirate, swipe, shanghai, loot, steal, rob, pilfer, grab, rustle, swindle, hijack, cop, burglarize, blackmail, fleece, plunder, nip, defraud, haul, stickup, plagiarize, extort, shoplift, pocket, holdup, mug, filch, abstract, lift, embezzle, poach.
touch (verb)
graze, brush, rub, paw, touch, ply, contact, skim, palpate, caress, finger, kiss, manipulate, feel, twiddle.

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Usage examples for palm

  1. Mr. Andrew dashed his face under the palm of his hand, and murmured: 'Oh- yes! – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  2. Boone returned presently, and I stared at the silver coins he placed in my palm – The Mistress of Bonaventure by Harold Bindloss
  3. Haward leaned forward, seized the hand, and, bending back the fingers, exposed the palm to the light of the candles upon the table. – Audrey by Mary Johnston