Synonyms for Considered:


deliberate (adjective)
deliberate, intentional, intended, willful, conscious, premeditated, calculated, voluntary, Schemed, planned, studied.
deliberate, thought-out (adjective)
studied, designed, Contemplated, advised, Examined, mediated, intentional, premeditated, willful, studious, voluntary, Investigated, Weighed.
examined (adjective)
intended (adjective)
Meant, expected, Wished, tried, chosen, intended, Endeavored, proposed, Aimed, planned, Schemed.
judged (adjective)
Judged, pronounced, Arbitrated, determined, Assessed, decided.


insightful, sound, deductive, incisive, perceptive, intellectual, Investigated, meditative, smart. studious. deliberate, purpose. considered (noun)
wise, thoughtful, well thought out, reasoned, well-advised, advised.


calculated (verb)
ranked, determined, Summed, presumed, Triangulated, divided, multiplied, Tallied, thought, calculated, supposed, programmed, quantified, Computed, measured, Reckoned, Deduced, concluded, quantized, Enumerated, Scored, Inferred, Gauged, totaled, Schemed, studied, Guessed, rationalized, added, Rated, Surmised, Weighed, Counted, evaluated, Accounted, plotted, Appraised, valued, Approximated, figured, estimated, scheduled, systematized, Judged, planned, Assessed.
examined (verb)
Inspected, checked, Surveyed, Perused, Scrutinized, Examined, reviewed, Investigated, verified, Scanned.
imagined (verb)
observed, conceived, brainstormed, Opined, Created, invented, fantasized, perceived, designed, Theorized.
intended (verb)
minded, Chose.
judged (verb)
pronounced, decided, Sentenced, ruled, Arbitrated, mediated, refereed, resolved, found, Adjudicated.
thought (verb)
imagined, Debated, concentrated, reflected, Meditated, Deliberated, Cogitated, Pondered, analyzed, Contemplated, reasoned, Brooded, cerebrated, Mused, Speculated, daydreamed, envisioned.

Other synonyms:

deliberate. studious. well-advised
Other relevant words:
well thought out, conscious, well-advised, sound, advised, deliberate, thoughtful, perceptive, studious, wise, Investigated.

Usage examples for considered

  1. He was there considered something better than the common. – A Man and a Woman by Stanley Waterloo
  2. Hugo considered and as he considered he grew pale. – A Boy's Ride by Gulielma Zollinger