Synonyms for Work out:


carry off, get through, cope, surmount, manage, shrug off, overcome, handle. agree, prove, add up, compromise, assess, determine. satisfy, total, amount to, run to, come out, add up to, come to. know, fall/fit into place, deduce, make sense of something, see the light, have a feel for something, comprehend, get the idea, understand. prosper, shape up, bear fruit, take off. burn off, hold, firm up, warm up, limber up, sculpt, loosen up, jog. cost, set-back, be extra, get your money's worth, buy, come in at, command. strike, enter into, come to terms (with someone), seal a victory/deal/agreement, get together, sign off on, reach. work out (noun)
cypher, figure, work, figure out, work up, puzzle out, compute, lick, solve, reckon, exercise, calculate, cipher.


change (verb)
work up.
solve; satisfy (verb)
compromise, figure out, prosper, handle, come out.

Other synonyms:

compromise, come in at, carry off, manage, sign off on, run to, set-back, overcome, handle, cope, deduce, comprehend, come to, shrug off, add up to, surmount. loosen up, prosper, understand, shape up, add up, sculpt, burn off. come out, get through, total, firm up. know, enter into. take off. cost. buy. warm up. command, get together. strike. hold. condition
loosen up, warm up.
Other relevant words:
come out, deduce, strike, limber up, add up, total, prosper, comprehend, prove, handle, assess, carry off, get through, compromise, agree, manage, determine, understand, jog.