Synonyms for Apt:


all (adjective)
expedient (adjective)
expedient, opportune, commodious, desirable, accommodating, timely, convenient, useful, advantageous, suitable, efficient, fit, effective.
predisposed (adjective)
inclined, disposed, biased, prone, predisposed.
probable (adjective)
plausible, chancy, possible, presumable, probable, likely, prone, liable.
quick to learn (adjective)
expert, clever, able, skillful, adept, talented, skilled.
relevant (adjective)
germane, pointed, suitable, applicable, relevant, apropos, to the point, apposite, fitting, logical, appropriate, pertinent.
sagacious (adjective)
skillful (adjective)
clever, talented, facile, ambidextrous, skilled, capable, adroit, versatile, adept, genius, dexterous, able, skillful, efficient, expert, accomplished, handy, masterful, cunning, artful, proficient, competent, Sure-footed, agile, nimble, deft, crafty.
suitable (adjective)
fit, befitting, right, correct, apposite, pertinent, timely, proper, germane, appropriate, relevant, felicitous, applicable, suitable, fitting, apropos.
susceptible (adjective)
vulnerable, susceptible, open, likely, responsible, prone, liable.
tending, inclined (adjective)
liable, likely, prone, disposed.


B, abbreviation, acronym, CCTV, bpi, CAPT, ANON, av, CF. discerning, clear-sighted, academic, wise, brilliant, study at, proper. befitting, becoming, tailor-made, felicitous, suited, meet, perfect, right, well-chosen, correct, ideal. apt (noun)
germane, disposed, relevant, fit, apposite, likely, timely, prone, liable, appropriate, proper, fitting, applicable, suitable, inclined, correct.
susceptibility (noun)
potentiality, likelihood, susceptibility, tendency, liability, vulnerability, likeliness, proneness, exposed, probability.

Other synonyms:

bpi, av, CAPT, ANON, acronym, CCTV, befitting, CF, abbreviation, well-chosen. proper, ideal, becoming, tailor-made, suited. perfect. B. appropriate
Other relevant words:
clear-sighted, correct, brilliant, ANON, acronym, wise, proper, meet, CF, bpi, felicitous, right, B, well-chosen, ideal, discerning, CAPT, CCTV, academic, becoming, av, suited, perfect, befitting, abbreviation, tailor-made.

Usage examples for apt

  1. Ye didn't see any one comin', did ye, who would be apt to pick it up? – North, South and Over the Sea by M.E. Francis (Mrs. Francis Blundell)
  2. I did not expect her to have a fancy for him on the spot, for quiet, steady young fellows like him are not apt to take girls' fancies- the worse for the girls. – A Houseful of Girls by Sarah Tytler
  3. 40. Why are we apt to use a plural pronoun after antecedents of different genders? – The Grammar of English Grammars by Goold Brown