Synonyms for Perfect:


absolute (adjective)
conclusive, supreme, definite, absolute, consummate, certain, unequivocal, indubitable, utter, sure, unqualified, categorical, unmitigated, unrestricted, undeniable, complete, positive, unconditional.
accurate (adjective)
errorless, actual, conclusive, undeniable.
all (adjective)
blameless (adjective)
exemplary, clean, clear, good.
blank (adjective)
thorough, unconditional, regular.
brand-new (adjective)
complete (adjective)
integral, out-and-out.
entire (adjective)
good (adjective)
unspoiled, unmarred, unhurt.
infallible (adjective)
matchless (adjective)
perfect (adjective)
distinct, unerring, pure, faultless, ideal, integral, gross, unbroken, unmixed, undamaged, out-and-out, letter-perfect, full, precise, unimpaired, absolute, immaculate, model, outright, positive, unqualified, supreme, Taintless, unspoiled, unmitigated, acme, Indefectible, sharp, sheer, simple, Excelling, sublime, unequaled, strict, sound, complete, suitable, utter, proper, excellent, flawless, matchless, impeccable, certain, foolproof, consummate, right, peerless, untainted, definite, exact, unmarred, Culminating, ultimate, crowning, downright.
positive (adjective)
pure (adjective)
unerring (adjective)


specific, comprehensive, reliable, strict, unerring, sound, right, whole. beautiful, babyish, born, classy, constitutionally, flexible, flawed, addictive, Clingy, adaptive, badass, regular. enrich, boost, remedy, optimization, lift, model, improve on, improve, enhance, revitalize. well-preserved, precise, round, as new. dead, total, flat out, crashing, plain, unlimited, blooming, out-and-out, all-out, big, thorough, damned, unbounded, flat, limited, sheer, downright, outright, unreserved, unrelieved. undiluted, unmixed, simple. Indefectible. polish, better, smooth off the rough edges, smooth, refine. exact (noun)
precise, sharp, distinct.
excessive (noun)
flagrant, superfluous, extreme.
linkdef (noun)
perfective, perfective tense, perfect tense.
perfect (noun)
errorless, immaculate, double-dyed, perfective, flawless, arrant, consummate, clear, exact, uncorrupted, utter, pure, perfective tense, idealized, idealised, staring, ideal, mastered, thoroughgoing, pluperfect, gross, mint, down, cold, idyllic, unmitigated, perfect tense, hone, clean, impeccable, down pat, everlasting, undefiled, faultless, perfectible, sodding, complete, stark, unflawed.


change (verb)
perfect (verb)
improve, hone, smooth, round, refine.

Other synonyms:

reliable, crashing, unrelieved, unmarred, undiluted, unerring, Indefectible, suitable, precise, well-chosen. unbounded, all-out, apt, unharmed, unhurt, polish, flat out, unlimited. integral, blooming, exemplary, proper. damned. full. regular, unreserved, plain. right, round, dead. flat. good, model. incomparable

Usage examples for perfect

  1. As a matter of fact, that particular man is a perfect stranger to me. – Mysterious Mr. Sabin by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  2. Does the child think he is perfect – Daisy in the Field by Elizabeth Wetherell
  3. And I don't see what you're nervous about; there's nothing that can go wrong very well- your plans are perfect I think. – The Bittermeads Mystery by E. R. Punshon