Synonyms for Gross:


abnormal (adjective)
abominable (adjective)
base, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, bad.
all (adjective)
bawdy (adjective)
brutal (adjective)
carnal, savage, barbarous, ruthless, bestial, cruel, inhuman, brutish, rude, coarse, brutal, rough, ferocious.
entire (adjective)
entire, conclusive, full, total, exhaustive, all-inclusive, all-embracing, global, sweeping, all, tally, whole, comprehensive, full-scale, full-fledged, full-grown, holistic, mass, sum, complete.
extreme (adjective)
extreme, egregious.
flagrant (adjective)
patent, out-and-out.
inelegant (adjective)
graceless, tactless, earthy, unrefined, clumsy, undignified, rude, tasteless, vulgar, crude, brutish, gawky, boorish, uncivil, awkward, tawdry, barbarous, unpolished, raw, coarse, inelegant.
low (adjective)
obscene (adjective)
filthy, naughty, pornographic, foul, indecent, obscene, lewd, scatologic, dirty, vulgar.
offensive (adjective)
overweight (adjective)
fleshy, fat.
vulgar (adjective)
chintzy, broad, inelegant, cheap, crude, common, philistine, tactless, raw, scandalous, repulsive, rude, garish, earthy, unbecoming, graceless, sleazy, ignoble, vulgar, coarse-grained, shameless, coarse, indelicate, animal, revolting, profane, barnyard, low, unseemly, undignified, tasteless, homespun, sordid, barbaric, brutish, outlandish, colloquial, depraved, tawdry, clumsy, salty, degraded, unpolished, ignominious, boorish, glaring, base, cockney, offensive, idiomatic, unrefined, rough, gaudy, rank, brazen, in bad taste, ill-bred, crass, obscene.
wicked (adjective)


beastly (adverb)


beastly (adverb)
inhuman, foul.


acute, severe, profound, grave, extreme, serious, desperate, rigorous, dire. deviant, unethical, immoral, wicked, amoral, good, perverted, sinful. decent, bad, bawdy, Fescennine, scurrilous, be the bomb, scatological, raunchy, word up, awesome, lewd, ribald, smutty, foul, scatologic, my bad, nasty, gross out. fatty, get together, generate, corpulent, overblown, turn over, draw, weighty, fleshy, portly, obese, stout, overweight, get back, make, get, realize. entirety, totality, and barrel, lock, Everything, aggregate, work. aggregate (noun)
whole, mass.
collection (noun)
disgusting (noun)
sickening, repugnant.
earn (noun)
bring in, earn, take in.
fat (noun)
obese, corpulent.
five or more (noun)
dozen, Duodecimo, hexad, octet, octavo, million, hundred, decade, teens, fourscore, sevenfold, octagon, grand, billion, hundredfold, sixfold, octave, decennium, score, septuple, Jillion, trillion, sextuple, thousand.
money (noun)
issue, bullion, loot, coupon, wealth, fortune, bankroll, income, wampum, treasure, dough, greenback, net worth, worth, money, check, bank note, copper, currency, money order, scratch, stock, ways and means, promissory note, change, ingot, receipts, note, draft, pounds, swag, moolah, profit, proceeds, pocket money, spending money, capital, cash, wherewithal, sterling, bill, coinage, assets, bond, balance sheet, petty cash, purse, iou, wad, lucre, dollar, gold, wallet, silver, nugget, funds.


gross (verb)
earn, make, take in.

Other synonyms:

gross out, immoral, raunchy, overweight, lewd, perverted, sinful, deviant, scatologic, Fescennine, wicked, unethical, amoral, nasty. churlish, portly, obese, bawdy, uncultured, corpulent, extreme, fleshy, ribald, awesome, scatological, earn, weighty, Everything, fatty. entirety, uncivilized, scurrilous, uncultivated, barbarian, generate, smutty, totality. overblown, get back. get together, realize, stout. turn over. foul. bad. draw. work. make. get. sum
Other relevant words:
arrant, fat, corpulent, aggregate, foul, smutty, all, stout, bawdy, lewd, fleshy, ribald, grave, egregious, flagrant, dire, obese.

Usage examples for gross

  1. Gross manners even for a tailor!" – The Right of Way, Volume 3. by Gilbert Parker
  2. It has been found impossible to touch, much less remove, the gross evil of infant marriage itself, the custom which opens wide the door to other ghastly evils. – India’s Problem Krishna or Christ by John P. Jones