Synonyms for Return:


afloat, ARR, Booking office, booking, aisle seat, board, book on, bookable, aboard, bus. ballot, repeat, Reenter, retrace, renew, blackball, rotate, reappear, put in, abstain, revisit, revolve, recover, recur, spoil, reoccur, elect, adopt, reverberate, recoil, regain, retire, come again, revive, turn, reexamine, advance, rebound, reconsider. audit, the Boston Tea Party, corporate welfare, pay off, 1040 form, chancellor of the exchequer, 1099, chargeable, allowance, claw back. character set, control key, command key, control, Alt key, declare, CTRL, backspace, CAPS LOCK, state, delete key, arrow key. dribble, knock, hook, kick, smash, mirror, reflect, cross, shoot, play, strike at, sound. arbitrage, capital gains tax, bond, capital, repetition, contrarian, derivative, annuity, recrudesce, debenture, capital-intensive, blue-chip. arrive, set in, originate, commence, start, begin, fall/fit into place, come into being, arise, develop. commencement, outset, introduction, beginning, conception, starting point, onset. contact sport, reintroduce, extreme sport, friendly, Sports, in hand, zero-sum game, game, away. boarding pass, e-ticket, bus pass, single, landing card, connect, restricted fare, season ticket, boarding card, CARNET. cancellation, money, earn, gain, Ticketing, realize, stub, bring in, ticket, sold-out, on the door, open ticket. law, hand down, report back, start back. bring over, bring, carry, cart, bring through, bring along. circuitous, overland, round-the-world, door-to-door, transatlantic, outward, overseas, nonstop, bumpy. return the compliment, reciprocity. iteration, reprise, recursive, groundhog day, iterative, retake, rediscover. Happy Birthday/Easter/Anniversary, Merry Christmas, season's greetings, happy birthday. acquisition (noun)
answer (noun)
excuse, rebuttal, acknowledgment, explanation, rejoinder, respond, retort, replication, response, counter-accusation, surrebuttal, comeback, counter-statement, reply, riposte.
arrival (noun)
entrance, accomplishment, approach, achievement, arrival, ingress, landfall, coming, fulfillment, advent, homecoming, reception, debarkation, destination, welcome, landing, attainment, touchdown, appearance.
coming again (noun)
appearance, answer, homecoming, recurrence, entrance, reappearance, restitution, recoil, rebound, recompense, rejoinder, acknowledgment, reaction, coming, restoration, arrival.
coming back (noun)
recurrent, intermittent, repetitive, Retorting, repeating, round trip, reappearing, Recurring, turning, Replying, rebounding, answering, rotating, repeated, sent back, repeat.
defense (noun)
argument, protection, stronghold, fortress, aversion, moat, wall, security, resistance, armor, countermeasure, harbor, barrier.
receipt (noun)
dividend, endowment, compensation, earnings, gate, net, receipt, gross, profit, salary, revenue, credit, wage, income, remuneration.
recurrence (noun)
reappearance, repetition, recurrence.
regression (noun)
recession, Retrocession, retrogression, backsliding, regression, Retrogradation, throwback.
relapse (noun)
response (noun)
refutation, defense, justification, objection, denial, reaction.
retaliation (noun)
counterblow, retribution, retaliation, reparation, revenge, exchange, vengeance, reciprocation, counteraction, reprisal.


answer (verb)
come back, explain, rebut, pass, state, counterclaim, deliver, counter-reply, echo, countercharge, rejoin, declare, counter-state, respond, retort, answer, acknowledge, counter-accuse, expound, counter, reply.
defend (verb)
buffer, argue, protect, save, support, uphold, sustain, barricade, counterattack, safeguard, fend, oppose, backfire, guard, screen, avert, shelter, resist, shield, ward, secure, police, bar, cover.
give back, send back (verb)
render, take back, restitute, reestablish, retaliate, reimburse, give, reciprocate, repay, put back, restore, reinstate, replace, refund.
go back, turn back (verb)
reappear, revert, come back, recur, come again, Reenter, revisit, recrudesce, reconsider, reoccur, retire, react, turn, revolve, rotate, reexamine, repeat.
possession (verb)
recompense (verb)
redress, square, remedy, correct, settle, recompense, adjust, compensate, refund, atone, remunerate, rectify, reimburse, offset.
regress (verb)
backslide, decline, relapse, regress, recess.
reject (verb)
send back.
revert (verb)
retrogress, revert, reverse.

Other synonyms:

repeat, elect, come again, reciprocity, retrace, recursive, reinstate, nonstop, overland, restore, repetitive, regain, restricted fare, sold-out, landing card, extreme sport, iterative, adopt, Ticketing, reintroduce, put in, e-ticket, spoil, bus pass, recrudesce, round-the-world, season ticket, door-to-door, blackball, contact sport, boarding pass, zero-sum game, revisit, groundhog day, open ticket, boarding card, CARNET. rediscover, start back, transatlantic, carry, report back, iteration, ballot, bumpy, reestablish, bring, reoccur, overseas, reflect, circuitous. stub, abstain, friendly, recur, cancellation, replace. reprise, outward. earn, realize, game. revive. gain, ticket, retake. renew. single, away. answer
bring back
put back, bring back.
double back
turn back.
give back
restore, reflect.
go back
go back.
pay off.
come again, reoccur.
bring back, reelect, put back.
reprise, repeated.
sent back, send back.
hark back.

Usage examples for return

  1. So long as they live and lord it there I cannot return – Beric the Briton A Story of the Roman Invasion by G. A. Henty
  2. But he shook his head when he saw that Betty meant to return – The Chestermarke Instinct by J. S. Fletcher
  3. They want to see some return for their money on earth. – Is The Bible Worth Reading And Other Essays by Lemuel K. Washburn