Synonyms for Buffer:


corrupt, deliver, display, emulate, close, abort, boot, crash, decode. guardian, precaution, guardian angel, protector, champion, defender, lifesaver. watch over, keep (a) watch, stand up for. cutting, extension, artery, baggage room, feeder, the Channel Tunnel, branch line, connection. gaffer, old bag, old-timer, old bat, crone, biddy, codger, goat, granddad. CDE, blu-ray, boot disk, cache memory, cd-r, cache, cd, CD ROM, CD RW. dishwasher, Brillo pad, feather duster, kitchen paper, cleaner, broom, carpet sweeper, hoover, mop. buffer (noun)
cowcatcher, pilot, polisher, soften, buffer store, buff, buffer storage, cushion, fender.
cushion (noun)
bumper, shock absorber.
defense (noun)
defense, moat, stronghold, armor, barrier, aversion, harbor, security, resistance, protection, response, fortress, argument, countermeasure, rebuttal, wall.
fortification (noun)
safeguard (noun)
defense, shield, fender, shock absorber, bumper, cushion, screen.


defend (verb)
guard, backfire, avert, reply, secure, save, support, rebut, ward, retort, shelter, bar, barricade, resist, respond, oppose, cover, sustain, protect, shield, return, screen, answer, police, fend, uphold, defend, argue, counterattack, counter, safeguard.

Other synonyms:

deliver, crone, CD ROM, carpet sweeper, granddad, Brillo pad, cd-r, CD RW, decode, feather duster, old bag, boot, emulate, hoover, baggage room, biddy, codger, blu-ray, boot disk, corrupt, CDE, old bat, cache memory, branch line, the Channel Tunnel, kitchen paper. close, abort, goat, dishwasher, old-timer, gaffer, broom, cd, display, mop, cleaner, crash. cache. Other relevant words:
cowcatcher, soften, cushion, cleaner, bumper, buff, buffer store, mop, buffer storage, polisher, old-timer, cache, blu-ray, biddy, abort, deliver, emulate, fender, decode, pilot, hoover, shock absorber.

Usage examples for buffer

  1. And little Miss Bunting, in her capacity of buffer state between Mrs. Lawrence and her boarders, had obeyed and said nothing more about the matter. – The Splendid Folly by Margaret Pedler